7.5% of those in Britain were born overseas.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. i for one will volunteer to be part of the extended line across the country, start at lands end and work up to john o groats and hoof the unworthy sponging ones amongst them out into the north sea/irish sea etc etc along the way.

    im all for cultural diversity but we as a country are taking the p*ss letting any tom dick and harry in.

    rant over!
  2. Thought it would be well on 50% going from BBC newsreaders.
  3. Compare this to the number of us who are currently residing in such places as Aus/NZ/US/etc - people migrate, fact of modern life.

    Also contrast the immigrant African/Indian lawyer or doctor, etc with the home-grown chav/chavette - who contributes the most to our society ?

    We of all people should be more tolerant/understanding than the average Joe. What are you scared of ?
  4. if you read my post goose i said the sponging element that do nothing but claim money from us hard earners. i know that a vast majority of doctors and proffessionals are imigrants and that is fine. NZ, Oz, Canada etc etc are no go areas for us unless we can contribute to thier country. we however are not so good at sifting out the dross. the figure they quote will be the amount they can actually calculate. what about the illegals??

    with a vast majority of drug dealing and criminal gangs in the major cities being from imigrant backgrounds you tell me why we should not be fairly concerned??
  5. Army Surplus Special/Awol,

    Does this also apply to the various members of HM Forces who weren't born in the UK like myself? Almost half of these immigrants that were included in the 2001 Census were born in the Republic of Ireland. In my time in the navy and also working with the Army and also the Royal Air Farce, I have met only a few 1st Generation Irish but I have met countless second and third generation Irish. I'm sure if you employed the attitude that immigrants are not worthy of living in the UK, then HM Forces would be depleted as would the NHS and every corner of Industry. Immigrants who do fcuk all to contribute to the UK do grip my sh1t however you cannot bundle everyone into the same smelting pot. In the last census, there were 39 (give or take a few) different ethnic groups which was a vast jump from the census before that. A diversive society does reap benefits but does necessitate tolerance from ALL parts of society and also requires participation from all ethnic groups. Obviously there are certain groups in the UK that do fcuk all to integrate themselves which is completely wrong.
  6. Call me old fashioned but...If you feel persecuted enough to leave your country, and you only feel safe if you left, and the first safe country should do? If your really legit..
    Why then FFS, travel zillions of miles across oceans and continents to reach the UK until you feel safe? after passing through many SAFE countries, (last time I looked, Belgium, Germany, France and Holland (all with big multi-ethnic cultures) looked pretty safe to me) and the language isnt an issue, of course its got nothing to do with the size of benefits we hand out is it?
  7. 7.53%? thats over 4,000,000 people......

    No problem with immigration into Britain if they really wanna be British and contribute to the country

    But I do have a problem if that is not their intent :?
  8. matelot will you read what i actually wrote in my posts instead of between the lines and you will see that i actually agree with what your writing. as you have said, your in HM forces and obviously working hard for this country. you are not sponging therefore i have no issues at all.
  9. What gets me, is how do they all get in in the first place??? They've got it completely right in Oz, a points system, where education, skills etc.. are all taken into account, if you are not going to contribute, you simply wont get in!

    Emptyeye is spot on, its all to do with the Uk being a soft touch to the ones who want an easy life. The perfect example being those cnuts that hijacked the plane at Stanstead a few years back, freed on a technicality, housing, benefits, cars & legal aid all supplied courtesy of joe taxpayer, wouldn't happen anywhere else would it??

    Cultural diversity is truly a good thing, but if you're not integrating into the existing culture and contributing back to it, you should have size a 9 up your jacksy on the way out.

    My missus is russian and we've jumped through hoops to get her residence legally, she works, pays tax, speaks the lingo. The sad fact is that there are probably more illegals here now, coming in on tourist and student visas, then simply staying on, or getting forged residence permits - not so difficult to get hold of i believe. Simply enough is not done by the immigration service to remove these people, but their excuse would no doubt be 'lack of resources', god forbid we discuss this subject in todays 'PC' gone mad culture of course.
  10. My problem is not with responsible immigration, it's with immigration on such a scale that whole cities lose the character that has defined them for hundreds of years. And before anyone points out that there has always been immigration, and that those immigrants have always added their own character to the melting pot, those immigrants have never comprised even 5% of the total city poplulation, never mind the 50% - 75% that we are now seeing, and that in just a few decades.

    I'm sure these different cultures are all very worthy; but actually I quite like mine too, and in some places it is being submerged.
  11. Just had to add that No1 son (Plod with the Met) recenty had a chap (IRANIAN) come up to him at Kings Cross asking to be arrested as he was an illegal, he paid his money in IRAN to a "BRIT", said "BRIT" (of asian origin) said he would get him to London, drops him off in Dover town and says "heres london matey" and drives off, after many hours walking around "London" stangely cant find Trafalger Square, SOHO etc,...he gets a lift to the real London, cant speak the lingo too well, cant find brother IRANIANS as the address he had for a safe house was bogus, lives on the street for a week, gets fed up and ends up at Kings Cross wants to just go home...instead hes in trap 1 in some holding cell somewhere, and we are paying for his bed and 3 squares a day.

    The moral is, there are Brits ( a loose term) who are happily doing the dirty on this country, it will always remind me of the reason they said they had an inner german border was to stop the west creeping into the east..excuse me, I never saw any western germans shot going INTO the east...
    The austrian army patrols its borders and kicks out those illegals they find.and as Austria is land locked...that cant be easy..we are an island, why is it so hard? Thats easy to answer.....
  12. Agree with you completely there ... in some places, it's like being in a completely different country. And it's not a nice feeling.
  13. One interesting fact is that the countyr with the third highest numbers of immigrants is Germany -with 250k UK residents born in Germany compared to 300k from Pakistan and 450k from India.

    Radio 4 analysis attributed this to large numbers of offspring of British Forces in Germany, who are classed as immigrants for this survey. I thought that looked high. But I guess if there were about 100k people in BFG, mostly young couples then I guess they might produce 5-10k kids a year, enough to skew the stats.

    Hmm so a slice of the people posting here have either bred immigrants or be classed as "immigrants " themselves. Anyone from the immigrant minority like to comment?
  14. Quote from Beeb:

    I think the survey is flawed as it does not deal just with immigrants but also British citizens born abroad including Pads brats, who are by definition not immigrants.