7.30PM sky news do online videos shame the army

Depends what they show.

Americans too, I may have blinked but I didn't see a single British soldiers clip on there. In reply? Yes, they do bring the US army into disrepute. Nothing like shying away from a stereotype.
Do Squaddies' Online Videos Bring The Army Into Disrepute?
Is the shock headline.

Directly below that is a picture of what appears to be US Troops doing something to what looks like a US female.

So. Sky news tries to put across that squaddies are shameful through the vids they shoot on ops then spend most of the article using footage of US troops.

How much of a non story is that?
Aren't the uniforms American?
If the woman is into a bit of gangbanging S&M style then fcuk the press so be it.

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