7/16 and 14 moving - what is the truth?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ChickenHeart, May 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm trying to pick my way through the rumours/bollox/truth of these proposed moves:

    I hear that 14 are almost nailed on for Blandford, when the School goes to St Athan, notwithstanding a minor battle with the Inf for the site?

    Are 7/16 thought to be moving to RAF Stafford or RAF Innsworth?
    And what about a merger?

    Are I getting warm?

  2. I heard that representatives from 14 SR had visited Blandford to carry out a feasability study recently but i've also heard rumours about a Med unit moving in.

    The plot thickens.......
  3. I can't believe that this thread has been open for about 12 hours and Outstanding hasn't given us the benefit of his opinion.
  4. :D :D :D :D
  5. What!! And Haverfordwest is!!!!!
  6. R-280

    All would make sense. I can still remember nightmare journeys from H-west to Ramsgate to go Ex in GE. And we were in Series 3s!!!!!

  7. If 7/16 move from Elmpt, Will the CDT Team become obsolete?
  8. [quote="Bad_to_the_bone]
    If 7/16 move from Elmpt, Will the CDT Team become obsolete?[/quote]

    Ha! The CDT boys always stop there on the way to and from the rest of the German units. Obviously it's coincidence that there are a number of offenders at that barracks.........

    Quite like the idea of HQs/AAC(!) moving into Blandford. HQ ARRC for example with 7/16 up at Stafford?

    And lets move 14 to somewhere decent for fecks sake - but ditch that shitty armour while we're at it.

  9. Sorry, said it all elsewhere. Time will tell.
  10. I see that the rumours are right and we will all be gone by 2011/12!
  11. From the local paper's website:


  12. I heard 1 Sig Brigade was moving to Innsworth the other day. Currently looking at 2011/2012 not 2009 as the site currently is totally unsuitable. sub-standard accomadation and not enough quarters in a part of the world where land prices are astronomical.

    So chances are they'll just stick everyone in the crap that'a there to save money rather than re-build it with z type and Puma as they should.
  13. And thats different to where they are now how exactly?
  14. So they've jazzed up the MQ's on Javelin with Op Puma, done up a lot of other things on camp, cookhouse 'bistro' and the like , and they only moved the 2 units onto Javelin as it was cheaper to move a load of Signals on there than it would've been to clean up the environmental damage left by years of crab damage (allegedly) , so why spend even more money re locating them ? Is this an LOA cost cutting exercise, or did they decide having 2 regiments of Signals RIGHT on the Dutch border was a really bad idea after all given the amount of times CDT pay them a visit and its doing nothing for retention of our wayward 'recreational drug users'?
  15. Nope just another prime example of the MOD wasting money again.

    Heaven forbid it could be spent on something useful like Body Armour or Rounds.