6th Rifles funding

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Parky_boy, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. ...or apparent lack of.
    I am getting nothing but flack from the headsheds about this 'new issue' over funding for the next few months. Does anybody on here know anything more about this?
  2. Which company are you with, I'm A comapy we've been told that there's only 60,000 grand left for training for this year, crazy thing as our latest up coming tour is just round the corner u would think we would have a shed load of mtd and money to fund the extra training
  3. Also with A coy and in the same boat. Even the case of PJNCO being affected, which is unusual before a tour.
  4. They stopped giving A Coy any money for training, decided it wasn't worth it, so now they just get beer tokens!

  5. mate uve got to look at our piss poor excuse for a CO total tosser has not got a clue going up to Kit grave on Sunday me ratty,gainie r going think westy and arnie is as well as its that time of year again 4 years ago
  6. Have you tried Ocean Finance or Lombard Direct? :)
  7. cant you join another unit???

    any nearby??

    cede nullis
  8. Yeah, doesn't time fly.... I can't make it this year, but me and Dave went last year, and I always said I wouldn't go every year. Still, he and you all will be in my thoughts. Drive Safe.
  9. Sorry pls excuse my ignorance, 6 Rifles is the old Rifle Volunteers isn't it?
  10. Yep, which was formed from an amalgamation of 6LI, 2RGBW & 4D&D.
    You might say that we were the experiment that the Rifles is based on (just without the Jackets!)
  11. Should have joined the regimental skiing club they seem t have got the funding for a jolly! Oh sorry that included the carrot nosed one (CO) :evil:
  12. I've always found it fascinating to look down the list of people attending the ski trips. You will find that there is even somone who is no longer in the TA attending the trip - figure that one out!! :?

    Besides, the only skiing club worth being in was the Cross Country one. We were TA Champs three years in a row, 03-05. They wanted to ban us from doing it - probably because they couldn't!! :D