6th form scholarships

When you say to confirm your scholarship, does that mean you haven't applied yet? Or you have got a scholarship and are sending your certificated to confirm your grades?


Kit Reviewer
It sounds like he's got it already; I had to do the same.

From memory, it takes a while, 6 weeks at most though I think.

I don't think you get anything else with their return. The first installment of my money came in Jan this year, and I went on (like you, I assume) the October selection board.
Yep, you get a certificate and a little red badge normally sent to your headmaster, and after that various undertaking forms get sent to you that you have to sign and get parents to sign. Then, after a load of bureaucratic wating, paperwork (on their part) and wondering when the money will come, then money arrives and process complete. Its all very jolly.

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