6th Form Scholarship

Hi ive got my final year of GCSE's coming up and I was thinking about trying for the 6th Form Scholarship. Does anyone know whether there is something specific they are looking for(apaprt from leadership)?


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Determination, motivation, intelligence, someone who can cope under pressure..

Just to name a few.

You won't be the perfect leader, they're looking for potential.
I got one of these some years ago. It is a mini RCB so check the other threads for advise. However, as TRSL says it is potential they are looking for.

In command tasks you should be a strong team member and a confident leader, able to utilise the expertise of other group members and able to come up with a simple, workable plan, that can complete the task in the time given. You should be able to delegate tasks and stand back from the group, directing and getting involved when required (when its going wrong!).

In interview you should display an understanding of the Army and its current operations. You should have some idea of which Regiment or Corps you want to join and why, but not presume that they will have you. you should have a good understanding of current affairs (read The Week) and be prepared to offer your (informed views) on events. Have a couple of interesting questions up your sleeve to ask at the end of an interview.

Be smart and confident, have a firm handshake and interact well in the peer group. If you don't know the answer to a question be honest and don't bluff.

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