6th Form Scholarship Consultation

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Smuke, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. ARRSE,

    I have recently filled out my Army Interest Form, and my ACA(O) has contacted me and we've arranged a date for our consultation.

    However he has not (which I can understand) stated whether it's formal/informal contains tests or what type of questions I will be asked. I was wondering if anyone with any knowledge of this, could tell me what I can except to be asked/tested etc.

  2. If it's the first time you will meet him, then it's a very informal chat along with your parents.

    It is not so much him asking questions about you, it is more you asking questions about the army. You will get some questions such as "What qualities do you think an army officer should have?" and such, but nothing too challenging. The second (formal) interview is the real grilling!

    Out of interest, which ACA are you going to?
  3. Thanks,

    They haven't mentioned bringing parents? Should I ask/check?

    South East Schools, Lt Col Tindall.

    How long ago since you did this process?
  4. Well my parents went along and alot of emphasis was on it, so I would advise you to check.
    Dress smarter-casual. E.g. Not trackies and a hoodie but maybe jeans and a polo shirt or something similar.

    And I dropped out of the Scholarship scheme two days ago, so very recently.

    Make sure you think your decision through carefully and make the most of the first interview. Back when I had my first interview and even my second one I thought I was dead set on carrying it through. Everything pounces on you very quickly, so make sure you're committed. I feel slightly guilty for waiting so long to drop out, I had probably already taken up someone else's place on the board.

    But anyway, make sure you make a good impression. Anything you say could come back to haunt you in your formal interview, so don't lie!! He will take notes and such and will then whip them out when it does come to your second interview :D
  5. How come you dropped out? You did well to get through too AOSB Main Board!
  6. Basically the reason was that i'm not 100% ready to commit myself to joining the army yet, I want to explore other options in the RAF/Marines before making my mind up.
    I went on a visit to Sandhurst around 2 weeks ago now and that made me realise just how many routes there are into Sandhurst, and that there is no rush!

    What i'm planning to do between now and when I leave college is get myself on as many insight courses as I can and fam visits to different regiments just to make sure that I do want to join up, then apply for the university bursary.

    Good luck to you, you'll be up against some very strong characters as I found. Make sure you prepare for everything, even this first "interview". It will feel more like a chat and that's what it is really, but your ACA will be making a judgement about you all the time, and you need to make sure you stand yourself in good stead for the second interview which is essentially a 1.5 hour grilling! :D


    P.s. Make sure you maintain eye contact - just a little tip :rmp:
  7. Tindall's a very good ACA(O) but if you're on the short side prepare to feel like a midget! I wish you the best of luck.
  8. Great...just great. My nickname isn't Smurf at school for my blue skin colour let's just say!
  9. Wahey!

    Lt. Col. Tindall is my ACA as well, going to the AOSB on the 30th.....
    Personally, I'm quite tall (not like him though) so its more the killer handshake that does it for me :D

    he is an absolute legend though, and takes no prisoners
  10. nutcase beat me to it, he has a handshake of steel! Did the whole Scholarship thing in 2008 so give us a shout if you want any advice.
  11. Frogit, When in 2008 was your board?
    I was on the later one (can't remember the month) - 45 Brown.

    Oh and nutcase - I take it you have finished the AOSB by now. How do you think it went? :)
  12. AOSB went well....just got the letter back today....I GOT IT!!!!

    I did a good time on the run, 1.22
    think I did quite well on the tests, on the planex...I fucked up the timings but my actual plan/aims etc. were perfect.
    only managed to get around the obs course once... :(
    fucked up 1 interview and owned the other....
  13. Congratulations :)