6th Form Bursaries

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Blam, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if much about the Sixth Form bursaries? I've looked all over the web and I can't seem to find out much about them. I spoke to a careers adviser and got told that the deadline for applications for the Autumn competition is 15th June, but that's not ideal as it's two weeks away and I've got GCSE exams to do in the meantime, so does anyone know if that's the only selection they do each year or if there are others?

    Also can I apply to any Regiment/Corps through the Bursary scheme? I'd like to work with aviation so I was thinking of going for AAC or REME (or both if able to). I know that REME officers require a degree so will I be able to go to university after sixth form?

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Have you looked into Wellbeck?? If your looking at REME Officer and aiming for A grades Physics and Maths (possible get away with one B) then its a great 6th forms.
  3. Cheers, I had heard of Welbeck and I do meet the grade requirements, but sadly I put my application in too late. I told my Dad that I wanted to apply to the Army, and he wasn't too keen. I didn't really want to go against what he said, him being my Dad, but by the time I thought "Fcuk it" and spoke to the careers office it was too close to the deadline for them to sort out my application. Long story short, the Careers advisor told me I could apply for a bursary and that the deadline for the "Autumn Competition" is June 15th. I thought that her choice of words implied that there might be more than one selection board (as there are two for Welbeck as well).

    I really don't want to miss the deadline as I did last time, but I'm also aware that the deadline is two weeks away, so I need to find out if there's another selection board I can apply to. I was also thinking that maybe I could put an application for a sixth form bursary from AAC, and a Welbeck scholarship from REME at the same time so that I'm more likely to get one of them, but I also don't want to look as if I'm desperate.
  4. You do not have a qualification to your name but presume your youthful looks and boysish charm will get you an "A" level in maths and physics, dream on princess.
  5. I'm not sure if by A level in Maths and Physics you mean A grade at GCSE or A level. I require an A grade at GCSE. I've already finished my Maths and got an A*, I get my results for Physics in August but I'm predicted an A.

    Btw, my A* wasn't down to youthful looks or boyish charm (apparently the exam boards don't hold that in high regard, what's that about?) but hard work.
  6. My son has a sixth form scholarship (£1,500 pa). As I understand it this leads on relatively simply (just paperwork, no interview) to a university bursary (£1,000 pa), there are no restrictions that I'm aware of on the subject studied at university nor has he been required to find a sponsoring Regiment or Corps.

    We found the Army careers people close to useless and he got on the AOSB etc despite rather than because of them.

    He did his AOSB in April, I think that there are two sessions a year for the Scholarship and Welbeck which seem to run in parallel.

    I'd hope that you've read this:

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  7. Thanks, that helps a lot! I thought that you required a regiment or corps to sponsor you.
  8. Really, where? Apart from the frankly rather scant page that I referenced above.

    As for getting more information, if you can find from that website the Officer careers adviser that covers Surrey, Sussex or Kent your search powers are somewhat better than mine
  9. We only accept applications with a guarantee from your Headteacher (current or proposed) that you will have a school or college place to study A Levels if we award you a Scholarship. You will be required to complete a detailed medical questionnaire that needs to be verified by your doctor. You will also be given a full medical if selected for the Army Officer Selection Board. Applications must reach the Recruiting Group (Officer Entry) by 1 December for the Spring Competition or 1 June for the Autumn Competition.

    Methinks that thou may already have missed the boat so to speak. I would add that an ability to complete an application in good time to meet the stipulated deadline may just be a reasonable expectation from someone who aspires to gain a commission in the British Army. (Have you considered the RAF? I understand that they are a little less fussy about timekeeping, standards of dress and indeed leadership qualities).
  10. I got told in an E-mail from an Army Careers adviser specifically "The closing date for applications is 15th June 2012". But in all honesty I've got exams and plenty to be doing in the next two weeks so I'm not too bothered about missing it, as long as there's another I can apply for. Cheers.
  11. Go on then, how did you find that information?

    Searching for officer careers advisors in the South and South East on the links on that page (Officer & Soldier Careers Advisers - British Army Website) only gives a Maj Grieve in Biscester who covers Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

    Some of those names certainly come up if you search for a Soldier career adviser but not for Officers.
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