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Just run to the horizon with the speed of a thousand gazelles.
I believe they’ve changed it to 1.2 now but yes. I’m confused about how long you’ve got to do it in?
It's a very long time since I left the Army and admit I'm not sure how the recruitment thing works these days. I reckon the best person to ask about how long you have to do it in would be a recruiter.

If you're worried about your level of fitness, don't be. Without knowing how fit you are I'll assume just for the sake of this conversation it's not good. Do some warming up exercises first then start off running at an even pace, don't go blasting it out at the beginning of the your run, keep the pace even.

It helps if you know the distance you are running, if you know some building or other landmark is say 2 miles away then aim for that, even if you don't get there running all the way. Gradually build up until you are running the two miles.

I say two miles because if you can make the two miles then 1.2 miles should be a breeze for you and you should come in with plenty of time to spare. You can do it, you just have to want it badly enough. Hell I'm an old man now (63) and I manage to run 5 miles five days a week though admittedly I'm not as fast as I once was.

One other thing, take one day off a week to give your body time to recover/rest. Do something like go for a brisk walk for a couple of miles on the rest day.
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Try jeffing, a lot of people use this technique for park run to build stamina. Then reduce the walking element increase running until all running. It’s totally do able in 6 weeks. My assessment is also 6th-8th at Pirbright.
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