69% of all adults want national service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by zippy483, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Given the propensity of this Government to chase every populist idea going how long before this is given consideration, Obviously a none starter for Gordon think of the cost and what's more who in the hell is available to train this army of Chavs.

    Telegraph National Service

    Would you fancy sitting in a ditch in Afghanistan with one of "these people" some will be undoubtedly awful. But is conscription such a bad idea, I would hazard a guess that most would be top quality people given a bit of direction.

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    Theres a little gem I missed on first perusal

    Are we to read into this that a spell in the Army should be on offer to save somebody from a spell in prison?
  2. Maybe sticking these people through the non-combat arms, like being a REME mechanic or something. Thus giving them a real purpose in life, an ability to help provide a service to the armed forces, and experience they can take back with them to civvy street for when they're seeking employment.

    Heck, it beats them mooching around beating up old ladies for their pension money!
  3. I wonder how many of these Chavs, after a few months of being forced to get their act together and learning the real meaning of the words respect and honour, would actually sign up for a full time career. Dad never considered the Army as a career before he did his National Service but loved the Army from the minute he joined.
  4. You would probably find that 99% of serving personnel would not want National Service. Could you imagine serving with a little knobber that has no interest in it whatsoever, the reputation of The British Army would lower tenfold!!
  5. Its a great idea.

    We have a real problem with our underclass of unskilled young men. The flexible labour market and the growing potential to do business in India and China means that there are fewer jobs for our unskilled labour. ten years ago everyone was goijng to work in call centres. Now the call centres are in India.

    The British Army is jolly good at turning our less skilled and wilder elements into spocially responsible human beings - Ok then squaddies, but its half way there. Military serivce is now being recognised as big business. National service is a route now to a highly skilled career in private security. Lets follow the Swiss and be the source of the worlds best mercenaries ;)

    Ending national Service was all part of the withdrawal from Empire, now twe are back to a long way east of Suez. We also seem to need a lot more highly trained internal security infantrymen. Time for an Imperial army!

    The costs could be met easily enpough. Half of these herberts are claiming some kind of benefit or taking grants for pointless degrees. The vast bulk of the forces serving in support of the US should be paid for by them.

    Its joined up giovernment. Good for UK plc, Good for eduication law and order and defence. So it will never happen ;)

    PS Should it really matter if the Army "doesn't want to deal with reluctant soldiers". Those are the material of the British Army that won two world wars and fought the famous counter terrorism campaigns! You are soldiers and you do as the country wants you to. If the rewards and punishments are structured in the right way they will have to give it a go in order to be eligable for educational grants and higher levels of social services.
  6. I would have said that making scrotes join would be a bad idea, they wouldn't want to be there, and the regulars wouldn't want to have to put up with them.

    However, now I know it's ITV, but after having watched Bad Lad's Army, you do see scrotes get turned into men. By the end of it most were taking pride in their turnout and their uniform. Sure, some were complete goons and were kicked out, but the numbers that were removed were very small compared to the numbers that stayed on and passed the course.

    If this was applied nationwide, just think how many hundreds of thousands of young men and women's lives could be turned around and put back on the right path. Even if some didn't take to it, it would be a very small number in comparison to those that do. And, like Trenchcoat_Warrior said, once they served their time, there would be a much better skilled and disiplined workforce than Britain currently has.
  7. There is a real problem with anti social behaviour these days, I personally got attacked on saturday night by a youth on the way from the local takeaway, no warning, until he punched me in the face twice!

    I never joined up, as I was never sure whether I'd like it or not, maybe if I had gone through national service I would be able to make a better informed decision.

    Although the cost and "human rights issues" that possible surround conscription would most likely prevent it!
  8. 90% of adults dont know **** all about the square root of nothing to do with Defence. Although i think that once people appreciate it wont just be the chavs who get sent off to fight it'll be there sprogs as well i think we might see a reversal of opinion
  9. 99% of parents would not do it themselves. Parents should bring up their children instead of expecting someone else to do it. That said, I woud probably sign my lad up :evil:
  10. Ever served with the crabs, not TCW, TSW Harriers or Chinooks, but the straight 9 to 5 monday to friday "its only a job" types. :D
  11. As regards costs, I seem to remember reading that National Servicemen were paid at a lower rate than regulars, so that would ease the burden a bit. But as zippy said, have we got enough people to actually train them?
  12. Would be interesting to learn how many of the 69% polled a) did national service themselves b) served in any kind of capacity. If you're not prepared to go and do it yourself, you should shut the fcuk up about it.

    As an aside, I wonder if the current shower currently running HMG would be willing to get the armed forces in so much sh1t in so many varied places when the majority of the voting public run the risk and bear the burden of sending their kids to war.
  13. perhaps we could ask the Legion of Frontiersmento do the training
  14. What about all the Paintball, airsoft, re- enactment walts? There are plenty of instructors among them, and many seem to be "special". Or maybe just issue call up notices with every web-tex purchase.
  15. If national service is brought back (im in favour of it and im 20) i think they should try to do a mixture of what is done in Russia and Germany. In Russia, if your leaving school and going to uni you dont need to do it as your seen as doing somthing with yourlife, this could be taken either way. In Finland for example everybody straight from high school does national service for a few years then proceeds to uni or full time work, i know a few people who have done this, one applied for a commission but narrowly missed the pass mark. And in Germany its not just military service, if you have a good record and interest in other paths you can do social services in care homes or join the police (obviously screening out neds). Im all for straight military service, but a cheap police force and social workers is good aswell.

    Trenchcoat_Warrior - I agree with you, i know a guy joining up next year entirely to gain a trade and some self respect. The army is not for everybody but it deffinatly has a great ability to show people what they are made of, my grandfather believed heavily in this, being a WW2 para, and encouraged my cousin to join the mech infantry and it sorted him out.