680 quid £ for an SA-80 A2 rail system!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by petergriffen, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. I like the review from walter

  2. 4D mag lite - £25
    Roll of Black Nasty - Free from QM(t)

    Looking Ally - Priceless
  3. But but it comes with a gangster grip as well .Thank fcuk i am poor
    or i would be tempted :oops: .I know its mostly pointless would attract
    equal amounts of trouble and laughter but it is very very SHINY :D
  4. Whats funny is, reading through all the reviews of the kit on there, he's written most of them, the guy must have bought 20 grand worth of gear, including body armour.... 8O
  5. 250! Shit is it powered by kryptonite??????
  6. A little!!!! They want £85 for a forward grip and £23 for a Bore Snake.

    I can only presume there must be some very "Special" indeed about these to justify such a lofty premium.
  7. Damn these double posts
  8. That's an expensive days airsofting!
  9. Actually I made a boo boo, there are 2 "Smiths" "Andy" and "James" they have both bought a shit load, one them 3 different types of body armour :?
  10. According to the website the SFSG get issued these, good idea by all accounts, most other armies have rail mounts on there weapon systems as standard! Looks ally but for that price i think i'll wait until they get issued (if at all) and just stick to bolting on my LSW rear pistol grip to my handguard!
  11. You can bet the MoD is paying more for them!

    But really, you could buy a whole new weapon for that!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not wrong Stoatman!
  13. What exactly is the SA 80 L2 A2? I have an L85A2 Individual Weapon (SA80 for short)? No L2 in sight.
    It looks so waltish, the whole platoon would sh*t themselves laughing if I turned up with that on my rifle.
  14. It cost more than the fu**ing weapon!!!