675 Sqn AAC

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Glorious Groundie, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Anyone ever heard of said sqn?

    they have they're own crest on the AAvCen Dii site and we have 676 and 677 sqn, but never heard anything about 675 or been able to find anything
  2. thought as much
  3. You won't find much info on the net about 675 Sqn, as they are a clandestine operation dreamt up by Bravo Bravo, and The Lord Flasheart. Once BB had realised that his wife would never let him go on ops, and TLF realised that his bird had been fucked by the majority of ARRSE, they teamed up to create 675 Sqn.

    They are a hardcore bunch of men, and women, that strive to provide a constant supply of hot pizzas by helo drop, wherever the cause is needed.

    Imagine a cross between 'The A team' and 'Dominos' if you will.

    This load of shite will self distruct in about 254 seconds.

    Except the bit about TLFs bird.....as she's a dirty scutter.
  4. i know 659 are the dominos experts, was at the sham when it happened most amusing (especially as i was 654 at the time!)

    Nothing on the net or through offical sources.

    so its either your reply, 49 PARA's support, does not exsist or so secret nobody knows (think blue hips, and i dont mean body parts!)
  5. Well, without going into detail.....the Sqn boys figured that they'd follow the blue 'theme' from the stable belt, as it matched their eyeliner on the weekends.

    Also, from the fabled rumour, TLFs bird was wearing a set of light blue apple-catchers when she had her first 'multi-gym' from the legendary 'ARRSE hoop smashers'
  6. I do have special covert training films that were made on licence by 'Transane videos Ltd', but I'm not at liberty to divulge them.