67 year old Man on bus beats up younger rider (Video)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. [I looked to see if this was posted on Arrse and couldn't find it. Apologies if I missed it. Big news on U.S. websites, blogs and radio.]

    Older white gentleman and younger black guy get into a heated discussion on an Oakland CA transit bus. The old guy doesn't back down and subsequently beats young man down (breaks his nose).

    [The argument starts with something about 'shining shoes'. I think the black guy may have earlier said something like "do I need to shine your shoes" which is urban lingo for 'your feet are in the way'.]


    Of course it's started a whole internet movement where the old white guy is being called "Epic Beard Man":

  2. Virgil, thank you that has made my day. All the threats from the young lad and he got owned. He obviously only saw the grey hair and not the fact the old guy was built like a tank, out weighed him and out reached him.
  3. It's always good to see gobby bad boy "gangstas" getting dropped.
    Makes it even better when its Uncle Albert doing the dropping.
  4. What a result. I think the senior citizen came across as a confident individual from the start. It seemed pretty clear that fight was only going to have one winner.
  5. Fixed it for you. :D

    Fcuking good drills by the auld fella. Pity he did'nt get to slap the bitch who stole his bag as well. :twisted:
  6. The OAP obviously did'nt want trouble; he walked to the other end of the bus. The Gangsta Walt followed him - not the brightest idea that young man has ever had! :lol:

    67? Makes you wonder what the bloke would have been capable of in his prime! 8O
  7. Someone with a sense of humour has put this advert at the bottom of the page.. :)

    Shoe Shine Service
    The Spit 'n' Polish Shoeshine Co. UK's First Shoeshine Service Brand
  8. nice moves that showed the twat dont mess with the old guys, blood makes such a lovely shoe polish lol
  9. Done - aptly in the forum titled All Internet links/videos/pictures in here ONLY

  10. With the nickname Vietnam Tom, it's likely he's been, seen and done a bit?
  11. I am trying to get this started as a group on facebook think I`ll call it "next time I`ll kick your ass" typical chav comment while lying on the ground bleeding. It does not matter on colour if it offends you in your country tw*t it hard.
  12. Did'nt realise the guy had served in Vietnam(JumpingJarhead, is that you?! :D )but I did refer to that fat, ugly whoore nicking his bag in one of my previous Posts.
  13. Can I see it without signing up to UToob?
  14. Cant watch youtube at work!!! Take it if hes a nam vet this is a yank vid and does that not make the young man a 'gangsta' rather than a chav. All the same, all need shot anywho.