66th/ Berkshire Regiment in Afghanistan in 19h Century

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by 180WPRE, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Anyone seen any memorials in Afghanistan from the past wars. I know about the memorial in London.

    Lest We Forget
  2. There's a BFO lion in the middle of Reading with few names on it in memory of those who fought there years and years ago...
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  3. Thank you but I am after any known photos of 66th/Berkshire Regiment in Afghanistan if any. Already have Berkshire Regiment in the Boar Wars & Pre-WW1-WW2.
  4. You said memorials not photos. There are probably none in Afghanistan and the link I posted is for the Maiwand memorial in Forbury Gardens, Reading. Maiwand is in Afghanistan. Not South Africa (it's Boer not Boar ... which is a pig) or anywhere else pre WW1-WW2.

    "This monument records the names and commemorates the valour and devotion of 11 officers and 318non-commissioned officers and men of the 66th Berkshire Regiment who gave their lives for their country at Girishk Maiwand and Kandahar and during the Afghan Campaign 1879 - 1880.

    "History does not afford any grander or finer instance of gallantry and devotion to Queen and country than that displayed by the LXVI Regiment at the Battle of Maiwand on the 27th July 1880."
    Despatch of General Primrose."
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  5. Also is the Reading Barracks still going/ open ? (Boer spelling + crippled hands) and some came from Hurst & Wakefield , Reading. Yes after photos.
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