664 Sqn re-union

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gordon1, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. After reading a few of the threads and discovering that everybody has a story to tell, I have decided to try and organise a 664 sqn re-union. If you are interested PM me with your name and how many and if there is enough interest I will look at trying to arrange something.
  2. These things get very complicated. Can I bring to your attention however that on 1st September next year the AAC will be holding its 50th Brithday celebrations at Middle Wallop where old and new are invited. I understand it is proposed to have Sqn areas where people can meet and share a drink or two.
  3. so what we can still do a re-union if we want, my work means that on 1st Sep 07 is my weekend on I'll obviously try to get leave but can't guarantee it so I might not be able to get to Wallop as may a few other people
  4. Bit late mate, we had one in Blackpool last year.
  5. Gordon, I wasnt implying you shouldnt have a reunion but I was pointing out that most people will be planning for next year. 664 Sqn themselves are extremely busy until then with a certain job they have to do and will hardly be in any position to either help or attend. I hope whatever you organise it works out.
  6. Well I'm up for a 664 lagerfest!
  7. So with the Corps bash and a possible 664 reunion i may have to attend 2 p1ss ups - gutted !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Im up for it too
  9. One last year, one next year, couldn't we just have an interim reunion? Never seen so much apathy to to a good pish up since I tried and failed to get enough to go to the Oktoberfest but then that was 652 LAD. I'm game, if the wife will let me and the Hook ferry doesn't disappear until the end of year as official rumour control has decreed.
  10. Hi Guys,

    I'm up for a p**s up/reunion (call it what you want) anytime. I missed the Blackpool one, but would love the chance to catch up with some reprobate 'Green Archers'.
  11. Well done Gus.

    If this level of interest continues we might have to book a second table.
  12. Don't bother they have just put a second phone box at the end of the road I live in?
  13. Well don't pish in it until we can arrange something.
  14. count me in fer a hoot n roar pissup
  15. Not quite enough for a second table but we now need an extra chair.

    I think September next year is looking favourite.

    Unless gordon1 knows something different.