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any of you 664 lot remember the pilot who flew me to bmh rientel in 1982 after i was crushed under a truck on the car park in st geoges bks would like to get in touch to say thanks
I'll post your question on armyaviation.co.uk robbo and let you know if anyone confesses :)


Anyone know what happen to Simmo. Airtpr Simpson (c1984) I know from the Army Avn website he went to Topcliffe after Detmold but wondered what he was doing these days.


I'll post your question on armyaviation.co.uk robbo and let you know if anyone confesses :)
This you Robbo?

They were servicing a low loader and the guy in question was working on the back wheels when some one got in without checking and reversed over him.

The injury was made worse by the fact that he got pulled between the wheel and the mud guard.
Trying to refresh my memory as much as jogging somebody else's, if I get it wrong you can correct me and I know you will. Thought I'd try and remember who we used to blame when the cabs went u/s.

The QHI was Barney P who was one of the best pilots I'd flown with, hadn't flown with many so not exactly the voice of experience. Remember flying in cloud and him wondering where the other German dusenflieger was as we'd seen one and he said they were like buses, you didn't see one for ages then loads just turn up at once. Landed on the sports field and proved that you don't need wheels to bimble along the ground. Upset the RCT but then at least it shut Kris Akabusi up who was apparently laughing away somewhere further down in trog land. Barney practiced some engine offs and left some nice furrows for the groundsmen to repair. Kris was still quiet. Good as it was like sharing a camp with a colony of kookaburras.

The guy who ripped my arms off (almost) as I was picked up in Simeonstrasse at ten in the morning by him and driver as I was supposed to be duty something and I'd dutifully got smashed and festered downtown, We were rear party as the rest were away on exercise. So the chief and head bottle washer threatened and successfully changed the attitude of his 2IC, me. A Para, had a nasty smash in BATUS but I'd still fly with him and the sort you'd definitely want on your side. Saw him at MW when I was on my upgropers but briefly as I was only briefly there, failed Maths, tried to drink the NAAFI dry and went back to Hildeshome.

A Greenjacket, had a wife that the whole of BAOR would be jealous of, French, not him, her. Had a memorable swanny with him and others playing cat and mouse well away from the squadron lines, don't remember if we flew under the canal bridge but it was being talked about alot. Another you wanted on your side, also saw him at MW on my upgropers, propping up the bar at the choppers, some things never seem to change.

A KOSB and the first of the officers I remember apart from the OC or OCs as I saw three there, a real rupert as he wore the trousers. Met him one Saturday morning as he had a sortie. He had been in the mess until late o'clock and I had been in the squadron bar just celebrating POETS day. Managed to get the cab out between us but the least said out about duals the better with my name in the 700.

Another Greenjacket but a commisioned one and I'm sure could command a posting on his own. Daddy apparently was something high up and his son was destined not to follow. Took off on excercise with the gearbox cowlings open and chewed them up a bit but celebrated his good fortune by charging somebody for an ND, something to do with BFAs flying through the air. Played footie with him and he just oozed RHIP as he swept through the centre of the field. Called him an arse but was instantly reprimanded, you're an arse , sir. Refused to put money in for a happy hour so had his binoculars stolen and was that popular that a job application for a position as a pilot was intercepted, filled in and returned by other aircrew mentioning things that don't usually do down on forms like this and listing his good points, sorry there weren't any but then his bad points, please see enclosed sheet 12. Wonder if he ever got the job?

I think I'll stop here, if anybody is interested, I can carry on. Can still remember a few more.
I love the bit 'Another Greenjacket but a commissioned one and I'm sure could command a posting on his own. Daddy apparently was something high up and his son was destined not to follow '. You are no judge of character! He transferred to the RAF, retired as an Air Vice Marshal, went to Westlands and has recently retired at the Managing Director. The KOSB officer retired as a brigadier and is MD of a business Salute my Job finding jobs for ex-servicemen.
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