664 Reunion

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Scorrpy, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. G'day troops
    Did you know there was a reunion last April of 664 peeps?
    It was in Blackpool and was takky as hell, and just brilliant.
    There will be another next year, location to follow.
    I was 664 from 1979 - 1984 btw
  2. Was this an offical or unoffical reunion? I thought the last was actually at Dishforth a few years ago in their hanger (or was that 657?).

    Anywhoooo, how many attended the one in Blackpool? Any pics?
  3. It was a 'bit' unofficial, as mostly the people who attended served under a certain chap. About 70 attanded.
    I have some pics but will have to dig 'em out.
    Vae Viso
  4. Seventy! WOW! Excellent turn out. Keep us up-to-date on here for next years reunion. Quite a few ex-664 on here at the mo.
  5. will do .. which years were you in 664 ?
  6. will do .. which years were you in 664 ?
    Hoot & Roar with 664
  7. 92-93. Space Cadet and Mighty are also ex-664. I'm sure there was an offical reunion a couple of years ago at Dishforth. Mighty, is that correct?
  8. not sure , I left the army in 1997
  9. Check your PMs mate.
  10. new to this , hang on ....
  11. My Gawd! You guys should see 664 sqdrn now! Me thinks they will all follow in the sloppy footsteps of MDN and become unsuccessfull, ugly, whining
    old men! But they are the best sqdrn in the Reg!! Me is going partying with them tonight!\ :)
  12. My last job was procuring the AH, which Sqns/Regts have it?
  13. NAAFI Bird, do you live in that little flat around the back of the NAAFI?
  14. for my sins 8O
  15. I did for a while yes