661 SQUADRON Maple Dinner

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GingeG, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. Who is going?
  2. when is it!!! no details sen yet
  3. someone needs to send a Maple Dinner contact report/sitrep sharpish

    incidently, i bumped into "Ships" a couple of weeks ago, still in the navy and flying junglys now, he needs an invite
  4. ships still driving boats feck me .. good lad though
  5. 28 Nov 05

    Call GT Mil 3201 to book a place.

    Or PM me and I'll pass it on.

    Which "Ships" was that, then? Rapper?
  6. Gents look in the latest Corps Mag, there is an advert with all the details. If I can assist anyone further pm me ...I have the force!
  7. Just realised - some people can't call GT mil . . . well, I'm not putting the full number up here otherwise I'll end up with all sorts of weird and wonderful calls (yeah, right - I should be so lucky!!!)

    Just PM me, then!!!!
  8. If you want detail about the actual event then you need to call Sean at 661 (ssm).

    I a was after finding out who is attendidng esp guys who are now in civ div.
  9. Hi Mate

    Is this invite extended to the REME who were part of 661 Sqn.... such as Crew Chiefs during Bosnia(the first tour)... etc etc......

    At least the stories about 661 would be interesting <g>
  10. Don't suppose 652 have some sort of Frog Dinner?
  11. I know who you are now whogivesatoss. Freddy fcuking forearms. Still a stripey after all these years?
  12. What's that then . . . all gathered round a lilly pad chewing flies . . . :D :D :D :D
  13. Yeah then they all read the menu and say Read it, Read it. Ah ha ha ha ha ah ah ...ha ha ha.....ha..... Sorry it was crap....I will get my coat!!
  14. Hello Ginge you old slapper!!!!

    I will most definately be going so I will see you there. By the way, Congrats on the big one.


    I now know who you are........If you knew Freddy 4 Arms, of New Zealand Mutton humping fame.
  15. Hey Warden I have finally found some pics of you mit arse on fire!!!

    The Dance of the Flaming @rseholes has been captured on film. Will bring to above event or are you coming to Corps Dinner and did you get a stable Belt?