661 sqn AAC


I hope you will forgive this intrusion from an ex crab!

I recently purchased and Auster AOP 5 aircraft and am resoring it back to flying condition.

The aircraft is G-AIKE and was NJ728 in it's life with 661 Sqn AAC I understand.

Is there anyone out there who might have some info about 661 sqn and the aircarft other than what is readliy available on google?

I have spoken to Middle Wallop and 661 sqn and they are looking into it on my behalf, but I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has any info on the airacrft and sqn.

Sincere thanks


Best of luck with the restoration, Terry. I take it you've been in touch with other owner/operators, already? The team at Eggesford, despite being a little AOP9-centric may be able to help, and an enquiry on the Flypast Historic board may bring up some more history.
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