660 troop

Christ knows mate, used to be Operators only in my day. Then Handbags were allowed in (In an attempt to keep the EW trades) Couldnt tell you now. Call the Det and find out.

I suggest you speak to your chain of command. However, as far as I know that is an operator only troop, the CS Eng type work isn't done by the troop in house, thus they only need operators.

If you want to go there and work as an operator, you may have to consider a re-trade or beg hard to your troop commander / Sqn 2ic :)


The simple answer is 'sorry, no'.

The equipment is maintained by either civvy contract (UK) or REME when deployed.

Operator trades only I'm afraid (predominantly EW).
So after applying as an Ammo Tech then looking at RE Electrician and now joining as a CS Eng RS do you not think it would be wise to wait until you've actually passed basic and trade training before looking at future postings as IIRC an JNCO?

Best of luck in basic though.


Again, I'm sorry to disappoint you - but if you are a CS Eng you will not be going to any active EOD units. 660 as I said before is manned by CS and EW OPERATORS. There are no exceptions, or pleading with your chain of command. Trust me on this.
11 EOD and 33 EOD are staffed by RLC ATs and RE BDOs respectively, with a smattering of Def EOD Ops (all arms) - again don't get your hopes up - the Def EOD Ops have to be SNCO or above - there's a DIN somewhere.
The equipment care/installation of EOD equipment is civilian contract or REME - I've repeated this just to make it clear to you. The FP sqn (225) might take you but this is not, no matter what they claim, an EOD role.
Sorry if you have been misguided whilst joining up, you won't be the first or the last.
Enjoy 3 Div.
Edited to add:
If you don't believe me, speak to the RCMO at Blandford.
done basic passed in p2 got my PNCO coming up and im looking for an EOD active unit to go to...

Thats me told.......Well done you, but methinks you've joined the wrong trade for EOD. Retrade or Def EOD @ SNCO (as said above)would look to be your only choices for that career path.


right well ive been ill-informed by recruitment then.. Il have to find something else i can do as an Engineer rather than be a techie the rest of my career in a workshop..


thats a bit late now.... besides i have always wanted to do an EOD role but there were absolutely no vacancies when i joined up

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