660 Signal Troop (EOD) Reunion

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Wobblyhead, May 13, 2005.

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  1. Just to let any ex/serving bleeps out there know that this years 660 Sig Tp Reunion is on the 17 Sept in the Sgts Mess at Kineton (everybody's favourite place!).
    Dress is shirt and tie, cost is £15.
    If you want more info and/or a return please PM me.

    If anybody has any photos of bleeps in action/posing that they are willing to let us borrow, I will make sure they are returned, even better if they are in digital format.


  2. Please try not to break any more doors this year, bleeps. I know you all get very excited and animated talking about how you almost found that suspect signal, or how you dropped a POPLIN on your operator whilst practising X-mas tree drills (Coops you pest! :x ), but please don't take it out on the accomodation block this year, or we'll just think you're an even bigger bunch of cnuts! :wink:
  3. Can't people buy their own shirt and tie?
  4. BDH as you may be!
    The brains of the outfit was always "The Bleep!"
    (Gan for it kid!!!)
  5. Doesn't really matter this year, any damage to the accomodation at Kineton would actually be seen as an improvement.
  6. Fair one Wob.
  7. Nah stick to the transit accommodation. The RSM just bores the t#ts off us otherwise pointing blame and banning fun.

    Can non-bleeps come along too?

    Will it cost us more for a shirt and tie?

    Bleeps being the brains. We let you think that because you go away then and we get to watch TV in peace. Gullible not brainy.
  8. Ahh, but if it wasn't for us you would only be watching 5 channels - Besides being the brains of the outfit, one of my main jobs in NI was making sure that everybody had Sky piped into their rooms. And keeping my No.2 on the ground (a very 'excitable' young fella, who sounds like he should be scaring people on bridges).
  9. Well it wasn't me thaank god. The sky worked anyway - you lot just unplugged it to give yourself a job.
  10. The only useful job the bleep did was manage the det porn collection. 8O
  11. Thats a 5 week course at Kineton, learning how to catergorise(spollist) porn:

    Male (for the ladies and BGD)
    Male & Female copulating
  12. How was your reunion? Did you break any more doors this year, or did you just meet up and discuss how you could sell out the army and go and work for TRL, MED-Eng etc and give away all our secrets!!
  13. Come on Wob.... There must be a bit of scandal to let us all know about....