658 " jackers" reunion

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sebcoe, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Next September would be a good idea to hold one, however is there a tent big enough or a bar with enough Lager!!!
  2. Oh well just looks like me then, it will be a cheap night!!!
  3. seb, can i put my name down for a reminder if it goes ahead.
    best sqn i ever served in, from 87 to 92.

    was a bat though, might preclude me eh? lol
  4. I dont wish to hijack this event but the Army Aviation web group is hosting a tent for all serving and ex serving members of Army Aviation units during the Middle Wallop celebrations in September.

    If you havent already joined then take a trip along to:

    Army Aviation

    You need to prove that you were AAC, REME (Air) or indeed served in an AAC unit. There are presently over 800 members and the more the merrier.

    See you in September