65535 pms?

There are 65535 new messages in my inbox according to the screen.

Everything else seems to be working!

Ran to my inbox and found nothing. Again. :cry:

Check your PMs ;)

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I would bring this up again. Despite Arrses resident fuckwit filling my inbox with crayoned dribble, my inbox is appearing to have 65535 new messages. This can't be correct as Chubb only usually sends 40,000 pms a day to me.

Any chance of fixing it please (no rush). Ta.
Are you just trying to sound popular!!!


Book Reviewer
Now I'm pissed off, I have only got 65534.
bovvy said:
This common problem now seems to be affecting young Jodie's account:

JodieGasson said:
Something has gone wrong with my account, its say this...............

Private Messages (65535 New) 8O

Seriously, I can't answer that many mails, I need to call in my Mother!
Oops, should have found this before I posted that, although to be honest I have had no where near that many PMs, and most have been to do with H4H and Sgt Slingsby, we are making lots of secret plans :D
blue-sophist said:
Not the worst thing that will ever happen to me, I suspect.
Lets hope not.
Do you own or have access to a mangle or woodchipper?

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