655 Sqn Plaque

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ex-E3, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. As an ex-Jock Horse I am trying to get hold of a 655 Sqn plaque. Can anyone help me out.

    I am not in the mob anymore and living in Oz.

  2. Not got a plaque, but i have a sqn mug.
  3. You better be quick mate, as they will soon be collectors items!!
  4. Telephone the Mil operator and ask to be put through to the 5 regt PRI shop if there is such a thing
  5. Can you get me one too?, i'll send you a cheque honest!
  6. Thanks chaps, got some good leads and will hopefully be getting one soon. Very sad to hear the Scottish Horse will be going soon.