6545-99-210-??? First Aid Kit

I need help in finding a picture of a 6545-99-210-??? First Aid Kit, Ejector Seat, RAF.

This was used in many fighter aircraft during the 1970's. It came in a Orange outer canvas type bag clearly marked with its NATO BJSC of ME cat number, similar to the above. It may also have had, at a later date, a STANAG number on the reverse side=(not sure on that).

Also one of the same ilk for Survival Dinghy also RAF Fighter.Both these where designed and packed at DMED Ludgershall.
I need these for a book I plan on writing.

Can you help. ??????????????????????????//

have a look on e-bay or go to the RAF version of ARRSE and ask the blue jobs.
Thanks both =
Just done a cut and copy to the Blue jobs lol


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