6500 Members and No Coherent Thoughts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. So what's the scoop?.. Some kind of Work to Rule ? A designated " Do Nothing " Weekend? or just a rare confluence of Zodiacal signs that portend the whole of ARRSEland is to do nothing but sit around in their skivvies drinking warm beer and noshing hedgehog crisps...

    I'm freakin' bored and was looking for insightful comment on world events..or, at least, a good laugh over racist, mysoginist, off-colour non-PC hyperbole and what do I get..?

    Nothing.. nada..zip...WTF??

    Has the UK shut down?...

    Geez.. first jargon disappears now ARRSE gets bland and silent...

    Guess its time to head out to the closest Firkin' Farthing and Feasant...for a few cold ones, stale peanuts and mindless sports drivel on the bar TV...

  2. If you're bored you could always get it on with your sister / mum / aunty and produce another "cousin"
    Have a nice day now y'all :D
  3. Have a conversation with Baddarse's alter ego, Biscuits AB. He can recite JSP101 word for word! Can't you lardy boy!
  4. Did baddass stick it to your mum or something? Did it annoy you? Especially when she preferred him over you..................... :D
  5. Rocketeer is Canadian, you git.
  6. And the difference is what exactly?
  7. Watch South Park - The movie for clues :roll:
  8. Hmmm, both inbred, both like the taste of their female relations, both like the same taste in lumberjack shirts, pick up trucks, fast food, blowing animals away with the man portable version of the Iraqi supergun, fast food................nope you've lost me. Any clues? :D
  9. That was easy....... :roll:
  10. Yep, I tripped as your lass was bending over :D
  11. :roll: :roll: 'nuff said.
  12. Stupid BritGits.. No wonder you lost the Empire

    Get it right

    Americans say " Huh?"
    Canadians say " Eh?"

    Americans eat " Chitlins " and " Grits "
    Canadians eat " Poutine " and " Maple Syrup"

    Americans drink Yellow P*ss and call it " Beer "
    Canadians call American beer " Yellow P*ss "

    Americans spend more than the Gross National Product of the continent of Africa on their Military..
    Canadians spend just a bit more than Luxembourg on their Military

    Much of the World thinks America is run by an A**hole..
    In Canada we'd have to strike a Royal Commission to find ours...
  13. As always, Canada is to America as Wales is to Britain. Semantics.

    Just remind us who Canada really answers to? Remember, Canada is in between Cameroon and Cyprus in the Commonwealth.

    Shut yer trap and know yer place, untermench servant of the Monarchy.

    'Canadians still say "Your Majesty". And they still allow the French to have an opinion in their 'own' country.

    Game set and match.
  14. wrong, wrong, wrong The Lord Flasheart, apart from anything else many of the fighting Canadians have a Scots pedigree
  15. OK, amendment 1, AL2,l version 3