65 k run?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by broadside, May 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm planning to run, jog, walk, stumble and probably finally crawl a 65 kilometre course of my own devising, partially to train up for the army and partially as an interesting challenge. It's quite hilly land. I'm pretty comfortable in the 10 -15 miles category, but I have never even taken on a marathon thus far.

    Bully for me.

    Am I being stupid though? How far can someone reasonably go in a day? Any advice?
  2. 50km is easy enough over the welsh hills.

    Edit to add: though either you are already super fit or you are being a tw@t and just risking giving yourself a serious injury that could destroy any chance you have of joining.
  3. What has this got to do with joining up(regular) ?
  4. ok so what you actually plan to do after this warm up? day 1 week 1 of basic you will be running 100k before breakfast for the first 4 months.
  5. Well I think I am reasonably fit . . . as I said can manage 10/15 milers at a reasonable pace, and I bicyle 8 miles to work and back daily along with quite a bit ofd sport. Probably the thing I've most impressed myself with is nine miles in one hour. But it's quite a steep jump to this none the less. Just wanted to make sure that it was reasonable, perhaps get a reasonable time I should be aiming for put forward, and any other bits of advice you deem fit. I worry about getting some killer chafidge. What food to eat and how much etc?

    Well DaPs, to reiterate, it has to do with joining up because I am doing this largely in an effort to get fit for my attempt . . . but I'll admit it'd probably be better placed in a fitness section of the forum. Hope I haven't ruined your day or anything.
  6. Anything is doable in theory. I've done 90 miles in a day and a half, with torn Achilles tendons and a groin strain.
    The question is, do you have the determination to finish what you start, and are you prepared to risk permenant injury?
  7. So what do you expect to get from this? Have you seen the amount of training you have to put in for marathon and ultra distances? Months and months of training. I just don't get what you want to achieve from this? Or did you just want to get yourself a virtual penis extension by blagging?
  8. 5.56 mm Why so vitriolic? Well I got quite a lot from it really. Let me see:

    the knowledge that my feet will carry me that far

    confidence that I can reasonably expect to be a competent infanteer at least as far as foot slogging goes

    extra fitness

    hopefully a bit of character and grit

    an interesting experience

    a day out in the countryside

    Not a bad package if you ask me. As it happens I made about 25 miles and then my left leg started to really cane, didin't want to risk a long term injury, so I walked the last fifteen which took me far longer and was in many ways a lot more of an ordeal than the previous run.
  9. It can be done, as I was on the Keswick to Barrow 40mile (about 65KM) walk just the other week.

    The nutters at the front run, and the winning time is around 4:33 for a none handicap runner.

    I took a little longer as I was walking!!

  10. Tip one: Go to local Recruiting office.
  11. Bloody good effort though, as long as the injury isn't too severe long runs are awesome for building up stamina, not just for phys but on a hard exercise, when everyone else is struggling through lack of sleep and tiredness, you'll find you have bags of energy to spare.

    If you can get on any runs for forces charities all the better, raise money, get fitter and have a feeling of pride and a good piss-up after, can't recomend it highly enough. Enter yourself for the london marathon 9if you can) and raise money for the RBL or BLESMA, or any number of others, you know it makes sense. :D
  12. Longest run I did was 50 miles in one day from Osmotherly to Ravenscar over the North Yorks Moors. It was raising money for the kids Leukemia Ward at Newcastle Victoria Hospital.
  13. I don't think I could ever do that, how did you train for it?

    couple of 20 mile runs a week or just running 5-6 miles everyday?
  14. Good drills fella, make sure you plan in some escape routes/pick-up points in case you need to drop out (don't risk injury if you're planning to undertake CMSR anytime soon)

    40-50 mile (60-80km) is a good distance and easily achievable in a day, unless you're a serious distance runner the trick is to keep covering the ground slowly without stopping and keep your safety kit lightweight.

    Try this book: http://www.cicerone.co.uk/product/detail.cfm/book/501/title/three-peaks--ten-tors

    If your navigation skills are crap it will be safer to do an organised event, check here http://www.ldwa.org.uk/challenge_events/events_list.php?list_option=N&list_type=F and maybe try the Lakeland 50, its in August so you have plenty of time to train.

    Let me know if any queries and I'll try to point you in the right direction (if I don't reply I'm not being aloof, I'm probably away from t'internet :wink: )
  15. Good drills mate :wink: I think my brother did the same one with a hangover and forty fags in a daysack :D

    mark1234: If you can jog comfortably for over an hour, you are fit enough for these sort of distances providing you go slow and eat and drink on the hoof.

    Just don't risk injury, drop out if you need to, the route will still be there next year!!! :D