63 (V) Sigs

Can anyone give me a heads up on this unit. Do they have dets all over the south coast or just in thorney? What is the selection process like and how long is it?? Do they still get to attend jumps course like their regular counterpart?? What sort of role do they fulfil once you've gone through the qualification process?

Any advice or previous experiences of this unit appreciated

A fine body of men and women who can trace their lineage back to the LRDG, thereby pre-dating L Det SAS Bde.


The role is evolving. I suggest you get up-to-date information from the horse's mouth. They are an approachable bunch.

OPSEC precludes much else being said here in the public arena.
A brother of mine was in 63 (SAS) Sig Sqn in the 80s. He had a great time and picked up a set of Danish wings while with them. They did appear to get their fingers into many pies through their association with SF. The only reason he left was due to a change in his civvie career meant he could not keep up with the commitment.


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I can confirm that you couldn't meet a more open, friendly and helpful bunch and they are very flexible about location etc.

Give them a call.
As above - good bunch, for the most part and they have dets all over the South including London - many oportunities etc - 3 (ish) month pre assessment phase on parade nights only, this is followed by a four weekend asessment course and then continuation training - short and sharp course which you can follow up with test week and a jumps course. You don't need to be massively fit at the start if that helps. Yes, women are able to join and they go through the same process as the blokes with a bit less weight...most fail...- Girlies do not go onto further hills/test week training however - that bit is voluntary anyway and many blokes don't bother.

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I realise that OpSec is an issue, but can anyone give me a general idea of the role 63 perform? Do they operate in the field alngside SF or only in rear areas?
I only ask out of curiosity. I'm too old to play with 63 and live too far away even if the turned blind eye to my DOB, so I don't want to waste their time by contacting them. I'm just being nosey.
Not in this forum they won't....


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