63 Sigs (not selection info request)


I am currently pursuing the 63 Sigs and have been in contact with them and have the relevant information for joining and so on but, I would like to know if anyone here is currently serving with them or has in recent years so that I could ask a few questions. Nothing too major but I would prefer that it was via PM. So, if anyone would feel happy to provide a small amount of their time I would be very grateful.

Also I would like to add as a note - after picking up information from this forum (as a lurker) to help me make my decision, I would like to note that as per the friendly members requests, always phone or email directly for information, they are VERY helpful and polite and will do whatever they can to help you in your quest for information.


Your probably best getting down to 63 and asking in person... from a security perspective posting openly on this forum or via private messages is no different, it's still unclassified.
Thanks for the replies - it's only trivial but I was hoping to engage the conversation via PM then meet/contact whomever, I totally understand the security issue and will be heading down to see the PST at thorney island soon, it was just a few things I feel were not relevant to them but more someone who had been with them.



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