63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) NOW RECRUITING

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 63Rep, Apr 25, 2006.

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    UK Special Forces (Reserve)


    63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve)
    is looking for very special people who want to do something different in thier spare time.

    We need:

    - Soldiers
    - Signallers

    Supported by:

    - Mechanics
    - Drivers
    - Chefs
    - Clerks

    To be considered for the UK Special Forces Reserves you need to be:

    - Aged between 18 and 32, 34 with previous military experience
    - Physically and mentally fit
    - Intelligent
    - Flexible
    - Mature
    - Able to commit to considerable training demands
    - Willing to deploy overseas

    Although previous military experience is very useful, it is not essential since we will provide all the appropriate training you may need.

    If you think you measure up to our requirements and are attracted by an exciting and out of the ordinary spare time occupation, we'd like to hear from you.

    CALL 0800 163925 ref L Troop
  2. Sorry would love to, but you posted this thread 4 years to late for me :-(
  3. Would you push the bar to 35 years old with previous mil experience?
  4. Do the conditions for UKSFR (under 32/34, etc) apply to the signals? Not clear from the above to whom they apply (apart from SF soldiers), although I know of somebody who transferred to 21's support staff who was over 34 & not particularly fit.

    I thought that TA SF signallers did the regular infantry CFT - 8 miles, 25 kgs. Is this not so? Do they do selection? WHat are their eye sight standards like? Are the number of ITDs expected simialr to those of 21/23 soldiers?

    Again, would somebody of a similar age to Stabtastico get looked at?

    Hope none of these questions raises any security issues, apologies if they do.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Phone them up and ask them.


    P.S. If you need this advice, they may not be for you...
  6. Thank you for that startlingly original insight.
  7. I'm 6 years too old and 300 miles too far away.
    Apart from that, I'm the perfect recruit...
  8. I'm in the process of going through TA training, and have been asking about possibility of joining the SAS/SBS and have been told it's pretty much not going to happen. Not on my ability as a person or recruit but it's about the availability of places.

    [I took out the personal bit]

    *Do any of you chaps have any other information I should consume about this subject before giving the number a ring? -Any help would be most grateful :)
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Er, don't tell everyone what you are doing...

  10. I did selection for 63 Signal Squadron. Passed the 4 weekends which are a combination of fizz and classroom work, Passed the Trade Course which was a beast of a classroon ordeal and then some PSI decided that he didnt like my swagger and binned me when I had given over a year and a half of my life and effort to get in.

    Out of about 56 on the meet and greet only 13 of us actually passed and went on to trade training. (Thats how hard it was) For some unknown reason one of the DS on the trade course took a dislike to me from day one and eventually that dislike was shared among the rest of the DS and WO2, 3 days into the weeks trade training it was blatantly obvious that there was a witch hunt going on despite my having passed eveything. I took endless amounts of grief every day and was set up to fall several times by members of the DS until finally on the last day they called me in and the PSI said that they wouldnt be taking there interest in me any further. I asked why and he said he didnt like the way I carried myself around the place. (The word ****** springs to mind!)

    I did the training, passed the courses and still got stiffed by a couple of power crazy DS. With the exception of a few who supported me (you know who you are) the rest are a bunch of badge collecting tossers! most of which have never even seen the brecons!

    I would recommend doing the course to anyone for the experience alone, but be aware its a funny club and even though you think you might be in you never are!

    *Watch the bootnecks they smile at you and then stab you in the back!!
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  11. Wot no medics support? Awww..... was just going to fill in the form..... ;)
  12. Badge collecting t0ssers? Never met a squddie that didnt like collecting shiney badges. How did you carry yourself around the place? Units rarely bin people for not liking them?

    Does seem to me that there are also ways 2 parties to blame. I have found them quite pleasent.
  13. I had a good few mates there, and got along with all my peers on the course, unfortunately despite getting along with most of the people I upset the "wrong" people. I've said my piece above and it is my view based on my own personal experience and its the truth. I cant write any fairer than that.

    Actually I would like to retract the comment "a bunch of badge collecting tossers" I guess I am still a little bit bitter.
  14. Further to my earlier post, can somebody enlighten me as to the phys standards expected?

    63 Sigs - which course do you recommend? The classroom based course you mentioned? How did the unit (or at least, what you saw) compare to other units you've been in, or know about?