63 In Leeds?

Hi all,

Have phoned the numbers ref the above unit but had no answer.
Do 63 Sigs have a det in Leeds?

Fancy a challenge so any help would be appreciated.

The info on that site is wrong (don't know who wrote it..lol), it's 849 Signal Troop, 64 (SC) Signal Squadron.

The SC stands for strategic comms (not special comms), and they are equipped with BOWMAN and Airmobile Comms Dets using pinz ..... although in reality it's the basic bowman dets that get used as the politics around Pinz means it ain't used (little technical problems just politics).
Members of 63 maybe in Carlton but I think they all went though the B Sqn first.... so it's not 100% .... their is members of 64 in Hereford mind, thats true..

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