63 ab sqn rct

Discussion in 'RLC' started by leaf, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. morning gentleman,
    Im new to site, looking to find guys who served at 63 AB SQN RCT, 5 AB BRIG between 88 and 94.
    kind regards
  2. Leaf, What ever happened to AA who left under a "cloud", the dirty PTI ^_~
  3. jp47, my friend,
    that's a blast from the past, a very DARK cloud indeed, no idea what he's up to now, didn't here of him again after all that.
  4. I see what you did there Leaf, apparently he got posted rather sharpish from his previous unit for similar deeds with no action taken. Bloody staggering really.
    Did you know NL- Troop Commander around your time and Taff E- used to take the beat ups?
  5. Leaf obvious question maybe but have you tried Facebook? I was there 95-98 and a lot of the old and bold who had been there for years post RCT are alive and kicking on there.
    Failing that mate pm me with any specific names and I can do some digging with the guys I know
  6. JP47,
    Taff E, short guy came from air dispatch? shocking about AA, can understand to lack of official action but i would have thought the guys would have sorted it.

    im new to this makka. what do you mean by "PM" and how do i do it.
    excuse the ignorance guys, iv lived in a third world country for some years now, we only got proper working internet a month ago so all of this is quite new.
  7. There is a way of sending a private message buddy from a computer, not sure how it's done but will check Monday pal as doesn't work on phone
  8. Really? My ex wife lives in Scotland too and her solicitors are always ******* badgering me via email.......
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  9. my friend,
    one of my favorite subjects, i have the worlds worst ex wife.
  10. Now then, I served there from 85 -90 p coy etc, remember taff e from junior leaders and also AA - was in cyprus on lion sun when he was sent home.
  11. A Trog Airborne Sqn? Why?

    Is it to scout ahead and steal the enemy's jam before anyone else gets a look in?
  12. i chalange that mate, mine is a shitcunt and then some who would keep jerry kyle in buisness for years

  13. Same era that I was in the Sig Sqn....many a night spent in the Loggie Bar and wobbling in from town.
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  14. I challenge that !
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  15. Yes - why else would we have one?