62 Siege Battery RGA - Search for Plaque

An elderly neighbour has asked me if I can find a plaque of her father's sub-unit in the Great War, 62 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. I have no great hopes, but any advice as to where I might find one, or (perhaps more likely) have one made for her, would be much appreciated.
Many thanks for that, Phil; I called them and they were very helpful. Unless I can establish that 62 Bty had its own arbitrary plaque/shield (possible but unlikely, I imagine), a standard RA plaque, with the King's crown and the battery's title at the foot, will probably be the best I can do. I'll keep digging for a while, but that looks the likeliest outcome. Good call.

I would get in touch with the team at Firepower. They are a font of knowledge and very helpful and might well have some info on the Bty and its Great War role.


Democritus, the battery was formed at Sheerness on 21.9.15 from a nucleus of the Kent RGA TF. It was equipped with four 9.2in howitzers and served on the Western Front. On 11.11 18 it was part of 45 Brigade RGA in 1st Army.

The gents at Firepower should have more, the NAM in Chelsea might have something as well. If you're close to London try the National Archives for more detail. Lots of artillery brigades had their own tactical marks and any of these might throw up the answer...
Much appreciated, GM - I'll draw up a little package of info for her based on that and other snippets I have, while Military Figures and Gifts have knocked up what looks like an excellent plaque which should delight the old girl (I think an original's a non-starter). No surprise that ARRSE is coming up trumps on this one, thanks to you and the other kind gents above.

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