62 (Cyprus) Support Squadron... Disbanded!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ConeheedsBaah, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. :evil:
    What are we going to do for sunshine postings now? Unless you're a pointy heeeed then it's pretty much a case of UK or Germany (and that won't last forever).

    I believe we should reform 62 as the Ibiza Defence Force... any better ideas?
  2. Dang!!!!!! Need JPA terminal....must change preferences!
  3. Is this gen up or rumour control? Why would 62 be disbanded when it is one of the busiest Sqns in the Corps?
  4. This is gen up, The Sqn (62) will be gone by the end of the year.
  5. They've already stopped posting people in there
  6. Gen up my mates been out there about 4 months and is now heading back to ol blighty asap
  7. one of our lads is posted there in sept what will happen to him, sqn drawdown & posted again????
  8. They need more blokes to go fight Terry.
  9. john :?: :wink: :?: :wink:
  10. Is that the Sqn who ran the bar just outside Alexander bks in Dhekelia?
    If so, then it's a shame...Enjoyed many a good night there, the best Brandy sours on the island! 8O

  11. seconded! :D
  12. A crying shame. It's like going to the funeral of an old mate.
    The Sqn. Bar was in a Nissen hut in Rhine Camp as I remember.
    Used to lag in a 16" galvanised bucket. Ah! happy days.
  13. Before I left Cyprus the rumour was Dhekelia would close very soon, with the RIB moving to Akrotiri.

    Looks like its happening sooner rather than later.

    Sad, I had a good couple of nights in the Zulu.

    Cyprus will now be fcuked (more than it was).
  14. Am gutted about 62 being disbanded. It was without doubt the best tour i have ever done 93-96. If anyone hears about a last p**s up in the Zulu please post it on here as i will have to put in a weeks leave to get to that. It would be better if Nipper Craze could do the Disco. D-reams " Things can only get better" allways reminds me of the Zoo.

    The Garrison will not be the same without 62 there, best minor units rugby team on the island.

    Will have to now go on the lash tonight to get over this traumatic news !! :cry:


    Geordie H