Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mrs.Peppers, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. "floods of tears"??? - pussy
  2. Cos you're all fucking mutters?
  3. No, it's because you are a slag.

  4. Thats why he wears a light blue beret.
  5. It's because sex and love are different things. Sorry, but there it is.

    Edited to add: and I suspect a wind-up - 1st post and in the Naafi rather than The Other Half?
  6. Oh don't worry. It's not just them you know. Matelots are just as bad.

    That's of course when we're not surrendering to the Iranians...
  7. Sez an 'expert' with a 'condition'.
  8. I think you have posted this on the wrong forum dear, the NAAFI isnt ideal for first time posters asking serious questions, as you can see. They're all 'armless really... Perhaps if you posted in the Int Cell, youd get some more intelligent answers.
  9. Army air cor..never heard of them?. Maybe hes army air corps?!

    Think maybe thats men in general, not just squaddies.

    The crimes getting caught..but he admitted it to you in tears?!

    You sure hes in the army?
  10. If I was you Id escape to the lonely hearts thread whilst you can before some nasty CNUT asks if he took you up the dirt box.

    By the way did he take you up the sh*tter :?

    What a CNUT
  11. You make the mistake of bunching all squaddies in the same group. Squaddies are not all the same.
    They are human, and if some slapper is going to spread her legs and you wern't giving him the good news then why shouldn't he poke her?
  12. ....they're usually doing each other up the browner.
  13. Dry your eyes princess.
    If its love your after, I can give you love, right up the dirtbox.
  14. He was letting you down gently.

    Is there an easier way of dumping someone than telling them that you've been shagging some slapper?