61 years ago today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Benny687, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Went to see my grandad this afternoon, who is not in a particularly good way and hasnt long left.

    He told me proudly that 61 years ago today he joined the army, 6th of March 1947. He also told me his service number and told me a story of how he saw a an ex-corporal out a walt in a pub in Bridlington about 5 years ago who claimed he couldnt remember his service number. Ive never seen him talk that proudly anything except my dad. He was only in for 4 years and spent two of those in Colchester!

    Crazy old sod.
  2. My grandad joined up in India in the mid-30s and managed to spend pretty much the whole war there. That's the 1940s equivalent of being posted to Lisburn while the rest of the army is going toe-to-toe in Helmand and Basra. The walting old cunt.
  3. Crazy? Bone fucking idle more like. 2 years? What was he? A fucking rapist?
    Don't be proud of him. Pity him for being a war-dodging coward with a lust for pussy which ultimately ended up with him been incarcerated.
  4. PMSL! It's not rape it's surprise sex!