61 (City of Edinburgh) Signal Squadron

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LordVonHarley, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I'm back in God's own city and looking for a new TA Unit. I have been swayed by a friend from work to consider Signals (He's ex sig's so maybe biased).

    I have checked out their web site and they look good but what do the people of Arrse think?
    Can any one give me the low down before I pop along to see them this week?

    Cheers :D
  2. There are loads of units in and around the Edinburgh area. I would suggest going to them all and having a look at them individually, then making an informed decision.
  3. Yes, so many that you can change unit every time Hearts change their manager. :D
  4. Fear not, I'll be checking out most of the units on my short list.
  5. 61 Signal Sqn are a great mob to be with, I'm from one of there sister units. Very professional, hard working and socially they are nearly as good as us ;-).

    PSAO is a cracking bloke and the Seniors are great bunch too.

    I've worked closely with the Sqn on many an occassion and, truth be told, if I were to leave my own unit, they are the Sqn I'd transfer to.

    On a side note, we as a Regiment are awaiting new kit coming soon, so plenty of new gear to play with.

    You wouldn't go wrong in joining them.

    I take it you are currently still in the TA?
  6. I used to be in them and enjoyed every minute with them. Thanks to them i am now a regular in the Royal Signals.
  7. Anyone know what it is yet?

    Is the conversion camp still going ahead this year (my gang are meant to be on the same 'camp')
  8. Its going to be a very trade related camp this year so there will probably be a massive whack on CNR type stuff

    us at 51 are getting a pile of FFRs not sure what the rest of the regt are getting though

    61 (sixwaaan) are a good bunch of folk.
  9. on a seperate issue do you anything about the signal unit being set-up in stafford
  10. ^22 Signal Regiment is a regular army unit equipped with Ptarmigan, Bantam Satellite and J1/J4 IOS to provide ICS Support to Logistics organisations.
  11. Cheers All!

    I will stick my head around the door on drill night and let a silver tongued recruiter tell me all. What time would be best?
  12. after about half 7.

    if its the same as us in aberdeen itll be a wednesday
  13. Wrong again.....
  14. What's with the Polar stalking ginger nut? If he's wrong why not be constructive and actually post the right answer?