60s, 70s and 80s one-hit-wonders

The thread on 70's and 80's anthems had me trawling through YouTube and in the process I came across some long forgotten one-hit-wonders that, I feel, had some merit. So for your pleasure (or pain) here is my contribution.

60's 'Sukiyaki', Kyu Sakamoto

70's 'The Lone Ranger', Quantum Jump

80's ' 'Turning Japanese', The Vapors

I'm not saying they were good, just pleasantly memorable.

Any more?


1976 advert - 'I put on My Blue Jeans' - is sung my Dave Dundas

better known as Lord Zetland who live just outside Catterick at Aske Hall
She drives me crazy - Fine Young Cannibals

The one and only - Chesney Hawks


Furniture - Brilliant Mind
Blancmange - living on the ceiling
Japan - Life in Tokyo


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There's more than a couple on here that WEREN'T one-hit wonders... you can add Japan to the list there.

I once worked with a former member of The Vapors - he's now a motoring photographer.

He was most crestfallen when he asked me what 'Turning Japanese' was/is about. Apparently, I was only the second person in 20-odd years to know.

It makes me laugh that back in the day whenever kiddies programmes like Blue Peter went off to Japan to do a story, they'd use that tune as background music.

Would they have if they knew it was about a bloke in a cell knocking one out over pictures of his girlfriend?

Kirkz said:
Furniture - Brilliant Mind
Blancmange - living on the ceiling
Japan - Life in Tokyo
One of four Top 20 singles for Blancmange; hardly one hit wonders.

I would like to offer Spirit In The Sky which was a one hit wonder for Norman Greenbaum and later on Dr. & The Medics.


Hole in my Shoe by Neil! Even better was the B side- Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man- bl00dy funny!


Shot From Both Sides - Magazine

Save Your Love - Renee and Renata, Fecking Awfull

Two Pints Of Lager and a Packety of Crisps - Splogneous Abound (I think that is how to spell it)

Mouldy Old Dough - Lt Pigeon

Ernie - Benny Hill

Supernature - Cerone'

Lone Ranger - Quatum Jump

Space - Magic Fly

Up Town Top Ranking - Althea and Donna

I will think of a few when I get into work, fecking train is busy this morning


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