60MPH + Forced off the road.

I was recently driving for work purposes. A vehicle pulled in front of me from a driveway on a National Speed limit road.

I took evasive action and hit the verge about 40-50

She admitted fault we swapped details but there appeared to be little or no damage to my car.

I booked car in at garage for a look over and there is a fair bit of damage unseen it would seem.

I said to the woman it doesn't look like there's any damage at the scene could that bite me in the Arrse?

I have reported it all so far I assume as she moved into my lane I'm pretty safe from suggestions it's not her fault.
You have broken rule one. Never admit liability, never comment on potential injury, never comment on potential costs.

If her insurance provider contests the repair costs, you may have prejudiced your case.

Gout Man

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Deny everything don't forget the whiplash and any other life threatening injury that came on later that evening.

Think that's covered everything.
You hit a verge at 40-50mph and there didn't seem to be any damage?

You didn't even throw a track?
It's belted hell out of the top of the near side strut thing

Pictures to follow. It drove ok as we moved out of a danger area and the silly moo was flapping so I told her not to worry it doesn't look there is any major damage if any (I was wrong it would seem)

She offered to pay for any damage, I think she was trying to avoid going to insurance but it has gone that way.

I had a brief chat with her, lots of "I am so sorry's" she hasn't had her license long either. Much nicer car than me though (Which doesn't have a scratch because I missed her.)
Good luck with that then. The Saudis have the right idea about women drivers I sometimes think.

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