60ft willy

The Cerne Abbas Giant is regarded as a massive fertility symbol, and couples often have sex on his appendage in the hope of conceiving.

They're missing a chance there. They could charge desperate couples a few quid a go AND film the action. Fortunes could be made. :D


Andy added: “We don’t want to lie in bed at night and hear couples at it above us

hahaha tops!!!


I agree with Donkey Spanker, it's a very poor effort for an 18 year old. The sketching of anatomical details should be well honed by that age, ergo: Where is the lower "lip" of the helmster, curving down to the accumulated fiveskin? No slight upward curve to the shaft? No veins on one's veiny bang stick? No spidery hairs on the ball bag... indeed there is no ball bag. Just two circles.

Even when I was six, I could at least get it in proportion, and as a bonus I added all spunk coming out of the end. It wasn't a willy without all spunk flying out of the end.

I wan't very good at fannies by 6 though. It just looked like a big "V" with a shorter line coming vertically up from the bottom point of the V.
If only they were all that tidy.


War Hero
Good Boy,
a spot of climbing, an appreciation of personal liberty and sense of humour. I bet his Dad's been basking in the light of his boy's achievement.
Good on the pair of them.