601 VM Tasks

Discussion in 'REME' started by lacrabat, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. What's the most stupid and pointless ones you do ?

    For me it's the strip and examine brakes on a MJ which luckily enough coincides with the remove, inspect and re-pack wheel bearings on the 24 month service, why ?
    The brake shoes you can see through the back plate and if the slave cyl is leaking you'll see that as well, why re-pack the bearings when they are lubed through the axle tube ? A complete and utter waste of time.
    Out of phase on a LandRover H.S. X.D. ( Wolf for the less **** ), 96,000 kms inspect engine mountings. They are checked on every MEI FFS, and why 96,000 kms ? what's so special about that particular mileage ? if the engines scraping along the road before 96,000 kms do we ignore it because is isn't due inspecting ?

    Any more ?
  2. Quick question:

    How many times have you told the author that something is wrong (Form 10) or contacted the IPT to query it? Or is it just easier to have a moan about it?
  3. Ahhh, but then you get the pat answer of "Its not got enough service life left to warrant an amendment, but thanks for pointing it out......"

    Like I got when I mentioned that only one of the axles on a Bedford MK/MJ should have grease filled hubs, NOT both.... I got the above answer, and how long ago do you reckon that was - yep, 4 years ago......

  4. examine eng mounts sureits a vm task?
  5. Yep deffo is.............. Sadly as like said - its done every insp anyway..... Which is why any inspection cell worth its stripes does the VM tasks that can be done at the time of the inspection, records the fact and lets the FS crack on with the stripping/inspection stuff... Or is that just us?...........
  6. Well obviously its easier to just moan about it :roll: . I was under the impression that the sacred 601 was carved into stone by superior demi gods and that merely questioning the contents officially would result in death by pestilence and plague. Are we to be more than just slaves to the Koran of E.S. ? :lol:
  7. looked at 601's today and there is not anything about examine engine mountings being a vm job
    also on a mei where do you report that an engine mounting on a l/r is u/s?
  8. It's Table 5 out of phase maint along with cambelt and gearbox oil. Engine mountings- half way down Part 1 of the 932b on the left hand side of the page.
  9. Ah yes, everyone asumes it's a VM thing however its not annotated as a VM task therefore its done by the servicing and inspection NCO.
  10. yep seen that but only out of those 3 only cambelt vm task other 2 are user job(agrees with above)
  11. as for engine and g/box mountings i know where that is but if you look it is only applicable to hgv and psv and as l/r does not come under themm then you cannot fail it that on there as it is not a testable item!!!!!!!!!
  12. Are you using the ref numbers for absolute guidance ? When they discovered just how far the 932B was away from the mark feet were shuffled and it was said that they didn't really matter. Have a look at the Vosa website for an eye opener.My regards to Mr Tetlow.
  13. On the Subject of the LR Table 5 out of phase, engine mounts, classic had to laugh, as above it has been pointed out that checking said mounts is NOT a VM's job get the 1005's in with quite a few stating out of phase to be carried out VOR ENG MOUNTS, from the troop on Thurs & on EX next week, had to laugh sent them all back well crack on then and do your job and inspect them. So glad i had read this topic only the week before this happened. Cheers.
  14. They've changed the 601 now, the engine mountings must be OK. :lol:

    Does any other organisation tie itself in knots looking after their fleets ?
  15. Yes and the Oil & Filter change have become a 2 year out of phase maint task.....but does the B Veh 3 year oil & Filter change now become obsolete as directed to by Land or do the Unit stick to the AESP bible as its been issued after the letter.