600lb Bomb Defused In Armagh


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Somehow I don't think Omagh was 400lb fuel/air mix.

Besides, you never saw this, it never happened and there are no terrorists in NI.
Also a device was placed under a car in North Belfast and is being reported as belonging to an ordinary joe blogs who recently bought it off a peeler....

Scumbag bastards.
If it had gone off it would have caused millions of pounds worth of improvements...


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Interesting to see the recipe for what's in the car. Failing that, buying an ex cop car should be avoided. The good news is that possibly the scrotes intelligence isn't as good as it once was if they are still working on old gen and plates,
Mr Blair is very quiet these days as a peace envoy, hasn't he got an unfinished old job?


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Sure that it wasn't Middle East Tyrone?
Pretty sure.

He ditched anything to do with NI the moment he could. ME - unwinable, everyone knows it so wont blame him. NI - Clinton (both Mr and Mrs) reckons peace is possible, so if peace doesn't happen it would someones fault...

If you were a slimy, self-publicising politico which job would go for? Esp after palming off the googly that was the hospital pass of labour leadership to someone who should have known better?
Not at all.

Is it random statements with no substance day?

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