600 Tp Corsham,10 sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shakespeare, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. anyone ever been posted to this rabbit infested sihthole, if not i'll tell you about it, its full of rabbits and crazy people from the south west.

    views please.
  2. stop whinging about a fcukin cushy posting. my heart pumps purple p*ss. Although i will admit corsham locals are all related
  3. corsham is indeed a very scary place!!!!!! remember to count the fingers of any local you talk to! and the growth they all have on the side of there necks....... yes, it is really a second head!
  4. Been to the GOSCC, and it blew my shit out of the water!!!

    I thought ' Shit, that's where the money's going to ......'

  5. yes it is very scary, im not denying the fact its cushty cos it fooking is, however some of is didnt join for that much of a quiet life(game warden),and theres a really weird chef there with three count them three hearing aids.
  6. Thats why have pref postings. You dont want the quiet life then put in for a more active unit. Maybe 216 or 264. Or why dont you put in for special duties to get you out of Corsham and leave the so called cushy job to somebody who wants to do it. Maybe you should think about what a unit does before you put it on your pref posting form instead of where it is.
  7. ok i understand that, but u have assumed to much there my old china. 1st of all i dint put it on my prefernce performa,2nd with out giving too much away im not posted there, but its more of a tour, and the unit i am currently at is a very active unit thats why i love it so much.

    but cheers for your input and understanding at least people here dont jump to too many conclusions.
  8. sorry bout that then.

    So you're attached then grin and bear it you know you'll be out of there a lot quicker than the people posted there. Look at it this way you could be up the road in colerne where the locals are REALLY weird
  9. yeh fair enough but lets not rattle on too much about 21 sigs, there are far to many threads about that subject anyway
  10. Ok then well what about the locals in Dorset they are even weirder. Nope not allowed to talk about there either. Ok out of the places we're allowed to talk about Corsham does have the weirdes pointy headed local freaks.

    Hey do the Blazing squad still hang out in Dingos
  11. possibly, but all the burberry wearing chavs look the same to me squinty eyes, pointy heds. However they do have some rather powerful local brews down there especially there cider. blow an elephants tusks off that stuff.
  12. Cider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatch yourself you're turning into one of them. Get your ass down Bath brewery and onto their strong bitter. Now that stuff will knock you down and pick you back up again.
  13. will do however nothing beats the strongbow
  14. Youre one of them aint you, you're a pointy headed cider drinking straw chomper. You've gone native on us.
  15. sorry its an infection i will try to curb my ways back onto good old nelson mandela