600 TA a month leaving - Iraq not a problem says Minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. The BBC are reporting that the TA are 7000 short, and losing 600 a month. Don Touhig, the minister responsible says Iraq is not putting people off.

    Just like their regular colleagues, then. How very 'one army'.

    These are problems that have been known about for a long time - why are the govt only now saying they'll 'look at' them?

    Full story: BBC Linky
  2. but how many are just not turning up without giving notice????
  3. Might help if they didn't turn away experienced soldiers because they are, supposedly, too old.

  4. This is something the TA really needs to look at. The RAF Reserve takes people up to 50 years old and while this may not be a suitable age for front line troops there are many instruction and support positions that could be filled.

    IMHO the possibility of losing a job upon returning from ops is a very valid reason for people wanting to leave plus the fact that HM goverment treats its servicemen and women in a pretty shoddy way and until these problems of job security both within the services and civvy street is addressed, I can`t see a solution to the recruiting problem.
  5. Members of the TA are being exploited by the MoD.Those who give their time to the TA are losing their jobs because of their TA commitment and the MoD just stand back with absolutely no help to the TA soldier when they eventually want to go back to their jobs in Civvy St.

    I was led to believe that their jobs were protected under an Act of Parliament so that they could do their bit for their country,but unfortunately their country just ignores their pleas for help on that matter.If you treat your soldiers like shit you will suffer in recruitment.I bet the officers jobs are safe when they give their bit to the TA.
  6. No safer than anyone else's, to$$er.
  7. More New Labour spin; Regs are short and expected to do more with less, the TA, which provides about 10% of the Iraq Theater troops, is loosing more than it can recruit, but according to them its all under control! What ever the causes they cite, were they loosing 600 TA troops a month before the Iraq War/ Insurgency started? Time to protect the jobs for those who go on 6 month deployments and not just abandoning them to fend for themselves when they get back home.
  8. Iraq isn't the problem - it's admin! If the lads weren't fecked around with pay & prospects then retention would be alot healthier!
  9. Too true, add to that MTD restrictions, lack of interesting training ( ITD's yawn ) and lack of investment in general.
  10. But soon you will have DII to enable you as the Customer of Glasgow to F&*k up your pay and allowancies and it will be YOUR Fault not Glasgow :oops:
  11. Face it guys, the retention issue is ops-thats why people are leaving in numbers. I accept there are many good lads and lasses in the TA (I know, I was TA for 6 years, and worked with my old company in Iraq recently, but when they were called out,using a very strange system it was the same old faces who volunteered. The OC was not one of them.) but many just want some of the fun side of military life without the drawbacks, such as Ops. And to be fair who can blame them? The problem is, retention is an army wide issue, and the spotlight should not just be on the TA.
    I realise people will misunderstand this post-it does not slag the TA, just highlights the fact that people join for different reasons. The govt has got it very wrong on Iraq, and the forces in general.
  12. There were some from my unit on TELIC 1 who came out with pathetic excuses not to go, some quite senior too, it was a disgrace but instead of getting rid they are still "serving". However there is another issue here and that is the potential for repeated mobilisations which is considerably more difficult for TA personnel (and its tough enough on the regulars). What employer or spouse is going to gladly watch, let alone support their employee/spouse bugger off for 9 months every few years, its not sustainable and thats why TA retention is suffering.
  13. I'll bet these are the same jack cnuts who shout the most during "training". This is another factor really pee's the blokes off.....
  14. Though i agree that the mobilisation is affecting the TA, what i would also point out is when i try organising a troop training program over 4 weekends, i ask for 5000 Blank 3000 Live 50 Chorley grenades, 50 Smoke Grenades, 10 Trip Flares, some detcord and PE, and 20 Shamoliess, and i get 6 smoke 2000 blank and 500 Live, because that’s all were entitled to that is pretty sh"tty, how can training be interesting when we have to shout "bang". This despite my trainings being the OC ME

    how about some decent funding!