600 sig sqn good bad points pls

hello all,

any good or bad points re 600 sigs please. eg quarters,working conditions,tours,etc etc.

much appreciated
Pirate. O,R,A
Corsham is a nice little sleepy hollow, not far from bath, swindon etc great part of the country, as for the unit i have no idea, basil hill site is a small camp and not a great deal on it. The quarters in the immediate area are not too great but believe you can get one near 21 Sigs (not too far away) but dont quote me on that.
Well there IS a classy nightclub just outside the base and it's usually full of charming ladies from the Cotswold Centre for psychotic bitches.

Throwing stones at the moon is a full time occupation for many of the inhabitants of Corsham.

Oh, and the local BNP Candidate is an ex RAF Copper but that shouldn't surprise you as most RAF Coppers (there are a couple of decent ones though) are a bunch of little Hitlers.

The M4 is nearby though for a quick getaway so it isn't all that bad and Bath is a pretty decent run-ashore. Alternatively you could go out in Chippenham/Chips and Ham but I wouldn't recommend it as it's fcuking gash.

Some very good blokes at 600 Trp as well...

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