600 police arrive in one north London sreet.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bovvy, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Just saw this on BBC news.


    I'm just stunned at this. I live in a very different environment, but this does seem somewhat excessive.
  2. I think its good news: positive forceful action on those that break the law :)
  3. Sounds just the job. A few more of these are needed.

    Police on the streets - what next !!
  4. Must have found a "misparked" car.....
  5. Sweet! Police actually fighting crime eh? I thought their politcal masters would rather they were handing out speeding fines rather than fighting real crime these days?
  6. Good for them!

  7. Top marks from me. Round 'em up and keep at them. Either they give us

    a hard time or we give them a hard time. Bovvy, you are lucky that you

    don't live in the area but lots of law abiding folk do and they are the ones

    to bear the brunt of these parasites. Good on the Police.

    Just my opinion.
  8. Good Old Plod...for a change
  9. Just needs the Judges to lock them away now...................... hmmm
  10. not before time just need too work on wood green and a few more of hot spots, both in the city and across the country.

    I don't suppose this was an end of financial year inspired operation though or am i just a complete cynic now.
  11. Shame they´ll be filling paperwork out for the next 12 months!

    Just the job, a few more of these needed. Although, can we have a quicker lead in time than 12 months of planning!

    FFS Op Overlord was planned in about the same time.
  12. Good job. Perhaps the goverment should employ british companies to build more jails, employ british people to work in them, good for employment, good for the economy, gets rid of scroats and stops early releases.
  13. See middle pages of the Guardian today for a cracking pic of them all waiting
  14. Its not excessive, I work in N/NW London. That road is one of several that is just full of crime. Beleive it or not, the road is patrolled frequently by place, in fact it always looked as if they has a permanent prescence there.

    Id love to take someone round with me, you'd see the depravity of the areas and ask yourself why we let immigration go so far. I was shocked to see it. I hadnt been to London since I was a kid. I laugh when they say the streets of London are safe. Really? So why do I have to wear a Ballistic/stab vest in some areas then...And Im NOT a Police Officer.

    Another street similar to this would be Green Lanes. It will be intersting to see if that gets done too sometime.

    The downside was, due to a stabbing/murder in Stamford closing the A10, and the closing of Blackstock road/Finsbury park trafficc was gridlocked. At least I have the day off today and dont need to go near the place.

    Well done the coppers. Lets see more of this.