600 men off to Kosovo: BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seemahpoint, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Who's actually free to go?

    T C
  2. Shotgun not!

    (Thumb on forehead)
  3. From the link:

    "The soldiers, from 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, will be deployed to Kosovo from the end of May for one month to help Nato with peacekeeping activities".
  4. 2 RIFLES have a couple of weeks free, apparently.
  5. I think they must be copying this forward straight from Parliament (there was only one paragraph when I found it).
  6. Should help New Liarbour lose a good few more seats in the council elections
  7. Though not from the area where 2 Rifles are based....
  8. I was down where 2 Rifles are based, they have all there kit ready the gym is full.
  9. Good grief - how many spare bods do we have left? I assume that people are getting a decent amount of time off in between tours?
    I suppose that the Legion of Frontiersmen could be pressed into service...
  10. 2 Rifles deploy as Spearhead Lead Element AGAIN.

    Time spent deployed as SLE is conveniently ignored when plotting availability for Ops.

    This is not an issue if not deployed, but 2 Rifles seem to have had more than their fair share of SLE trips.
  11. noticed the Beefeaters have disapeared from the tower.
  12. While we are at it might as well go have a crack at those iranians, oh and syrians, not to mention those pesky chinese, since its our "responsability".

    How about they try fixing their own country before they sort other peoples out.

  13. Does osprey come in DPM?
  14. Do keep up boys and girls....

    This came up last Friday in the Kosovo thread!