600 Ladies break record for video shoot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bluebells, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Mrs Bluebells went to Wellington Barracks for the recording of the Military Wives video shoot for the next album.
    Christmas no 1 album in the bag

    Linky New album for Military Wives - ITV News
  2. Did you know, alot of them aren't even wives, more like ex-girlfriends and acquaintances. Plus there are MPGS wives in there...
  3. Now 760 members?
    They only have to buy a copy each to guarantee the No. 1 "slot".
  4. Military Provost Guard Service

    I've emboldened the relevant bit ;)
  5. Hang on, is it too late to email Mrs CM and get in on the act? I'll buy a copy.
  6. Screw, not sure where your G2 comes from, but the ladies from my patch choir are all military (ladies that are serving, ladies married to servicemen).
  7. Yes but have you seen their interviews, and videos? Bleating on about husbands (or whoever) on tours in Afghan and such.

    "Erm... yours is on the bleeding gate, 100 yards from your fecking house, love!"
  8. Screw, please live up to your name
  9. I read the title and thought it was a gang bang video.

    I'm feeling a little let down now, I need a hug
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  10. a) We are in the Naafi

    b) Is no one else tired of the constant publicity of everything military these days?
  11. Exactly what I thought as well, what a let down.
  12. nobbyd,
    video with lots of girls, scared bloke, tossed in the air, what's not to like
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  13. Last time I got tossed in the air Long Haired Sunray went fucking beserk and made me get the mop out
  14. scew email me
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  15. It's a good job it's the music & not the interviews that are making money then.

    I'm still waiting for the bikini version of the pics, good enough for the WI so why should these be any different.

    Would certainly make their sales rocket ;-)