600 British troops are on standby over Syria crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. 600 British troops are on standby over Syria crisis: As Assad falters, plan to evacuate Britons from neighbour Lebanon
    Intelligence warnings that Assad's regime could fall within four weeks
    Fears the aftermath could lead to fighting spilling in to Lebanon

    Defence chiefs have placed more than 600 British troops on standby as part of contingency plans to evacuate UK nationals from Lebanon, amid intelligence warnings that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could fall within four weeks.
    There are fears that thousands of Britons would become trapped in the region in the aftermath of the downfall of the Assad regime, with ethnic fighting spilling over into neighbouring Lebanon, where tens of thousands of refugees are seeking sanctuary.
    Rebel leaders, whose fighters include men trained by former SAS soldiers, claimed yesterday that Assad will fall within 30 days.

    The Foreign Office has been closely involved in contingency plans to evacuate UK passport holders from across the Middle East if the regime collapses and chaos spills over into Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.
    SAS soldiers and diplomats have been in Cyprus and the wider region, assessing the number of Britons who have already fled from Syria and drawing up plans for an evacuation if the violence spreads.
    The move follows criticism last year of Britain’s delay in evacuating stranded citizens from Libya.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176735/600-British-troops-standby-Syria-crisis-As-Assad-falters-plan-evacuate-Britons-neighbour-Lebanon.html#ixzz21GNJtgip
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  2. There's no one left, they are all at the Olympics. Out source it to G4S.
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  3. They are not real British people - I was in Cyprus the last time they were evacuated. How on Earth they manage to get hold of our passports I do not know
  4. Labour used to give anyone a passport who asked, don't you remember?
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  5. It's not Dave's retinue of arms dealers is it?
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You mean that they're not white and don't speak with mockney accents don't you?
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  7. Hello matey peeps, you want chilli sauce with that?
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  8. Big fuss on over in the Daily Telegraph where they bemoan the lack of air power in the comments section. Bring back the Harrier and god forbid the French will protect us.

    Not sure whether people have forgotten Cyprus exists, but then, would we be allowed to fly combat missions from there?

    However, what was pertinent was the illumination once more of the lack of a proper defence strategy which means that the Navy will be able to do nothing until after the Olympics.

    This government, along with Blair, Brown, Major and Thatcher need lining up against a wall and topping for what they have done to the military capability of the United Kingdom.
  9. "There are fears that thousands of Britons would become trapped in the region"

    ...after all, they've only had a year or so to get out. No rush like...

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  10. ..................................................Any British nationalist, that is 'trapped' in the area after all that's been going on over the past months. Clearly doesn't have a brain.

    Protected evacuations should be for those that Have to be there due to duty.

    I personally don't give a shit about how many Syrians, the Syrians are killing, as clearly the Russians & Chinese don't either!
    While they're doing that, they don't have the time to have a go at us!
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  11. Do you get charged if you end up being evacuated? What are the prices like?
  12. Hadn't realised the BNP had such a large presence out there - many thanks.
  13. A good point 'Cabana' and well made, but Labour drew the line at passports for: Australians; New Zealanders; South Africans (white); Rhodesians and assorted other nationalities not fitting precisely into Labour's idea of 'diversity'.
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  14. Who gives a ****, the less muslims the better, let the killing continue.
  15. You mean, Britain has a brigade ready to go within a moment's notice for contingency operations? And Syria is a possible contingency? And people need to make plans for contingencies in case they have to go there? Holy shit, it's the news of the century.