600 Aircraft flypast

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheBigUn, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. I bet they could'nt get 60 now
  2. Very interesting.

    I say, wasn't the Comet that jet airliner that had all the trouble about explosive decompression due to the windows blowing out? :?
  3. She probably gets over 600 overheads every day.

    Imagine building a Castle next door to Heathrow!

  4. I think last year's Birthday Flypast involved around than 30 aircraft, including the Hawk photo ship, Red Arrows, a Spit, Hurricane and the Lanc. :cry:

    We don't even have 600 aircraft these days!

    Similarly depressing comparisons could no doubt be made between the Coronation Review of the Fleet, and that from HM's Golden Jubilee.

  5. Bit of bad planning that
  6. and later, having had a bit of work, became known as a Nimrod!

    Also interesting to see Canberras there, which only went out of service in 2005 (having been Recce planes for a while).

    There's still loads of Canberra corpses lying around the airfield at Marham.
  7. On Purple Star I noticed the Carolina AIr National Guard had a newer and larger fleet than us and that was just on 1 airfield !
  8. The last Caberra deployment by XH131,and XH135 both PR9s was in Oman flying operations over Afghanistan up till 23rd June 2006 when they returned to RAF Marham
  9. Plenty of pictures and paintings about this in both messes at RAF Odiham as this is where it was held.

    Somehow me thinks this wouldn't happen in todays world even if we had 600 aircraft tho fly :cry:
  10. But we do have over a hundred in storage
  11. I was just reading the programme for the 1968 RAF Abingdon Airshow, which included a flypast by 18 Vulcans.
  12. I can remember back before that, my dad taking us to ST Athens air show in the 50s with hundreds of aircraft, and even a hanger full of German WW2 Protptypes,and jets, 262s,163s, Arados, it was magic
  13. The first problem would be finding enough land on which to plant sufficient trees to make the fly-past carbon-neutral.
  14. That's nice. Any pics of RAF Odiham being opened on 18 October 1937, by the CoS of the Luftwaffe, General Milch?